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Senior Administrative Assistant11 értékelés
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I am still working at Gilead my contract ends on the 31 March

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Worked at Gilead as a contractor just over a year and finish on the 31 March. The people, culture and environment was a great place to work. I will miss working here. I hope I have the opportunity to come back and work for this great company.
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good support

enjoyed the role and the people. great career progression. lots of policies to learn and great london location . friendly co-workers and great team building exercises
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Gilead Sciences, Foster CIty, CA (Biotech)

Fast paced, intense, challenging work environment. Good people, great place to work. Many opportunities to learn new things, trainings, events, etc.
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Cut throat

Employees watch each other. Will try to undermine each other. Do not feel managers are up to par for the job. Enjoyed some interactions but as a whole the experience was not very pleasant.

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Met some really awesome employees. Most were very helpful. Definite room for growth.

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Too much backstabbing. Long commute from San Francisco
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Wonderful company with strong core values

Great company, great pay, great benefits. It is also a very fufilling knowing you are part of the "bigger picture" and contribute to improving patients’ lives.

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Overall compensation for your work

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Work-life balance
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Several Cafe's in different buildings

The people at Gilead are great. The company really includes employees in a lot and gives them swag on a regular basis. However, Contractors are not allowed to participate in many events or give aways.

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Different culture of foods in all the cafeterias

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Some groups are more cut throat than others
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Great people! Great benefits!

Gilead does great work and makes products that bring quality of life to people suffering from life-threatening illnesses. It's a very rewarding place to work. Awesome people and amazing benefits.

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Great people and great benefits
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Very busy and long hours.

Gilead is a very busy company. New construction, projects and manufacturing. Very good training opportunities. Community involvement is important.

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Great benefits

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on call on weekends
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Good place to work with a big campus

Wednesday bagel days is the best! This is a very busy place, but the co-workers are amazing.
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Great people, helpful in bringing you up to speed - loved it there

I was a contractor looking for full time work, but it never turned out, I just kept getting moved around from department to department.
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New group

My group was new when I joined Gilead. My group lacked direction and leadership. Our Director was a lame duck that liked to search the internet for Giants tickets. I really liked the company but I felt the lack of leadership in my dept. would end with my job disolving. So I found another job outside of Gilead. I would go back in a minute if I could find a good fit. I learned after my year at Gilead not to take a job just because it's there, make sure it feels right.

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Alot of great people and great benefits

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one bad apple can ruin a dept
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