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good company

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It was great to work with so many smart people who are passionate about developing therapeutics against life-threatening diseases. The overall benefit is good.

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work-life balance is not great
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great place to work

Gilead is a good place to start your career here. The training is good.The benefits are great: 401k match, paid time off, ESPP, two weeks shutdown (Christmas and July 4th)
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Fast paced and lean

Tend to work in truncated timelines. Always under pressure to deliver. However, very good benefits and culture of innovation. Huge amount of restores too get the job done.
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Great benefits

Appalling management in the department I worked in. Superficial and very good at saying all the right things but it’s all lip service. Sad because the company itself is commendable in its mission.

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Amazing cafeteria

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Success and longevity factors required for your job at Gilead

On must be totally obedient, compliant, and do all you can to make your boss/manager look good. Don't get upset but instead even offer to let him or her take all the credit for your accomplishments. Never disagree with him or her in front of others. Never go to the HR to complain about him or her. It could be career arresting if not ending. The only safe time and venue to raise it if you have an issue with your boss or manager is at the company culture required and mandated weekly one on one and face to face meeting. But quickly drop the subject if he or she becomes uncomfortable discussing or denies the existence of your perceived issue. Your annual raise, bonus, and stock option are mostly dependent on how successfully you please him or her and have very little to do with your actual job performance. Liking him or her is much more important than trusting or respecting him or her. Majority of bosses and managers are pretty much autocratic dictators. Promotion is again totally dependent on how much and how often have you pleased him or her and how often you made him or her look good.

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Good benefits, frequent happy hour sessions, decent company subsidized cafeteria for lunch

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Happy boss first/foremost and nothing else really matterss
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Good pay and benefits but not enough to deal with poor management skills, "management by fear tactics and heavy workloads.

In order to succeed you must have a Godfather or Godmother in the company. They speak about inclusion but if you are not part of the "click" you are not noticed or promoted. To many layers of upper management and not enough lowe-tier employees to perform the work expected.

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The pay is decent

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You have no life, they expect you to answer emails, text messages and whatsap 24/7 although it is a result of their poor time management skills.
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Quick paced, will learn a lot

you will learn a lot by working here because it is fast paced and lots to do. You will have to learn a lot as you go on your own but once you do, you will be able to excel
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Working at Gilead

The workplace is okay and some of the managers are not goal oriented. It was fun to work in the metadata management space and the colleagues are very knowledgable. Few resources are yet to be worked on their skillset.
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Great place to work

It is a great company to work for with lots of opportunities to learn and multitask. Although management may need to improve, overall it is a good company.

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Free food

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no work-life balance
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Bad Culture

Bad Culture, not much support from management. no Change communication, not inclusive culture and does not support employee development. Too much politics.
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Not the best place to work if you have children

One of the positive attributes about this company is the stock performance. The stock has been going up for a while and the company is solid financially. As far as career advancement, you have limited options. The company rarely hires/promotes from within and tends to hire external people. Once you are in, you have to leave to advance your career. A lot of people leave Gilead after 3-4 years, they feel stuck. The culture is harsh - swim or sink. That said, most people are friendly, polite and easy to work with.

Pro érvek

Good stock performance over time, free bagel on Wedenesday and Peets coffee all day!

Kontra érvek

Limited career advancement, low job titles for the job, poor work/life balance
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Management based on execution only

Good company, great benefits, but not focused on people.Backstabbing, depending on the department you are in.
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