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Great place to work but...

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Only if they give you enough work to keep you busy. As an admin in a department that is declining, there isn't much work to be done no hiring, no training etc.
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5 stars

What is the best part of working at the company?People are very friendly.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Fortunately I haven't had one yet.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Very open and honest.
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Great place to work with some memorable work events

Worked in different departments at Gilead and gained great experience getting to know the heads, their staff, and building relationships. Compensation slightly lower than other biotech companies.

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Large campus, onsite Cafes, all hands events

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Long hours
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Used to be a great place to work

Work-life balanceYou are expected to be “on” all the time. You work during vacations.Pay & benefitsBenefits and pay are good.Job security and advancementYou are promoted if you have an “in”. Otherwise, you will stay stagnant.ManagementCEO’s focus is not where it should be. In 2 1/2yrs he has done nothing for the stock price and has fired/forced out those who made the company what it was. It is no longer about the patients and is in worse condition than before he arrived.CulturePeople are nice to your face, but will stab you in the back before you can turn around. The culture is set up to be competitive instead of cohesive.OverallGilead used to be a great and rewarding place to work. You wanted to go to work, your coworkers were family. Unfortunately, that atmosphere no longer exists. Many who are there are miserable and are either forced to join the competitive environment or risk being forced out. The focus is no longer the patients are first and it is destroying the company and putting the patients who rely on their drugs at risk.
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Driven and fast paced

This company continues to do great things. The employees are driven and goal oriented. All employees are held accountable for their deliverable so, it's not hard to work hard. I've made lasting friendships at Gilead of which I'm truly grateful.

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Nice perks and benefits

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no work/life balance
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It was a productive work environment and I enjoyed my work. I was able to travel and participate in the conferences held. My managers trusted me with the budget of three departments.

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Heavy work but I thrive for that!
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Great company

The branch in Durham was a great place to work. Very relax with great management. Sadly Gilead decided to close the branch many years ago and many people lost their jobs.

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Great benefits, great management in Durham branch

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They decided to close.
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Excellent therapies

Gilead was fast paced and the work voluminous, but I thrive on being busy and challenged so it was fine. The lean working style meant you got to expand your role further than you might in other companies, but the down side of that was there was sometimes a lot of deadlines much in a short space of time. So long as you worked with your manager, it was often doable. The culture was science first, patients first so not ideal for a social butterfly but as with any workplace, the work is the focus and so social things were often left to after work. People did get on very well with each other though and very respectful.

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Great benefits and family schemes; very strong sciene

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work / life balance could be stretched at times
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Great company to work at with exceptional benefits and growth potential.

Gilead is a really good company with a great pipeline compared to other pharma companies out there. They have good benefits and the cafeteria is really good. Management always supported new ideas and encouraged thinking outside of the box. My co-workers at Gilead were very supportive and experts in their fields. The hardest part of my job was establishing a consistent work life balance. The most enjoyable part of my job was knowing my contributions impacted patients lives world wide.
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El ambiente de trabajo era muy bueno y tratabas con todas las areas de la compañia.

Gilead Sciences fue una experiencia muy buena y enriquecedora. Aprendí del sector farmacéutico, que era totalmente desconocido para mi. Es una organización en la que te hacen participe de todos los lanzamientos de medicamentos, independientemente que estés o no involucrado en el negocio directamente. Tuve una buena acogida en el departamento financiero. Es un grupo muy bueno que enseguida te integran como si fueras parte de el desde el principio.

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Seguro medico, plaza de garaje gratis, viajes de empresa

Kontra érvek

Son muy inflexibles a la hora de pasar a ser plantilla de la empresa.
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