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Confusion in abundance

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OnboardingYou're originally hired under the notion that you have a job waiting after you get out of training- this isnt the case. My class of 30 was reduced to less than 15 after the first few days because we had an 'interview' with a client. You'll be told that this interview isn't a big deal- it is. Why would there be an interview if we were told that we automatically had a job out of training?TrainingThe training was disorganized and I can see it being potentially inconsistent in quality. There are no prepared materials at all and it's up to the discretion of the instructor as to what direction the training is going to go. This includes the topics and types of applications that you will cover. Since you have no prepared materials, it makes it nearly impossible to do any studying after training hours to advance your knowledge. The only option you are offered is recordings of the training; which are 8 hours long.Onboarding for clientThe onboarding process for clients is both clumsy and confusing. You will have to sign some sort of I-9 or onboarding paperwork 3 different times: onboarding, bench/waiting to onboard with client period, and onboarding with client. Signing the paperwork doesn't mean that they will receive it. Various candidates (including myself) faced issues with getting the onboarding paperwork completed. The period between the end of training and onboarding with the client took 3+ months so be prepared to get paid close to minimum wage for an extended period of time. General ExperienceIf you have any issues you may get looped around waiting for an answer. - 
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Good route if you're out of options

I was apart of the Java cohort. Management has been messy since I was originally apart of the C# cohort then moved to Java. It was nice and fun at first, we would review a topic for the week then do challenges. We got paid a small stipend of 250 a week and this did NOT support being able to pay rent, I had to do a side hustle but they did not really want us to work any other job or do anything else to make money. After the 8 weeks we were moved to bench and were promised interviews, I think it was bad luck but almost none of us got an interview for the 7 months we were apart of it. Some of us got jobs but we had 1 or 2 interviews the entire time, all while getting paid nearly $11/hr bi-weekly.The jobs are also as per the contract, underpay you so I'd say be ready to accept that, I joined it on the pretense I was ready to be underpaid just to break into the industry.TLDR; it pays you little but gives you a lower barrier of entry into a software developer job, you can still get laid off.
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Not worth your time

This company suffers from a severe lack of communication. The training is inadequate and unprofessional. The pay during training and while waiting for a contract is horrendous and impossible to live on. There is no job security. Even after signing my contract with the client, I was let go because they did not have a project to put me on. Overall, my experience, as well as my coworkers that I have spoken with, has been terrible. I wasted months of my life to get nowhere.
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Go in with both eyes open

Working at GenSpark is basically like being a professional job hunter. You get paid a weekly stipend during training and then bi-weekly while on the bench. Training is minimal at best. They won't really teach you anything, all learning is done on your own. They have an instructor who can answer your questions, but there won't be any actual classes or lessons like you might expect at a boot camp or school of any kind. If you are already competent at basic coding skills, the training is really easy. If you don't know how to code, you'll most likely fail.Once training is finished, you're on the bench where you will wait for job interviews. You may or may not get any interviews and if you don't, you will not be informed why. Any attempts to find out information regarding the status of your job hunt will be met only with vague answers that they're working on it. If you do manage to land interviews, it's up to you to impress them. The interview questions tend to be fairly easy with no algorithm questions, just questions that gauge whether you know your stuff. However, answering the questions correctly in no way guarantees that you'll get the job. Some people will be hired and others won't. You'll never receive any feedback about your interview performance and you'll never find out why the clients did or didn't want you. If you are interviewed and then selected by a client, the salary is okay (even if a little low for an IT job) and it'll likely lead to a fruitful career in the future.Overall, this route is possibly the worst way to get into IT but it's also probably the - 

Pro érvek

paid training, remote, flexible work/life balance during training, easy if you have the skills

Kontra érvek

training pay is low, actual training is basically non-existent, low likelihood of actually getting placed with a client
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Boring and slow space

Online training is good but other than that it’s a very bad place. Not very helpful at all kinda gotta learn on your on promise multiple jobs but don't back it up .
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Great to Boost Your Experience

I recommend GenSpark to anyone trying to get their foot in the door of the tech industry. I am a bootcamp grad and from my experience, I struggled to land a job even though I had landed multiple interviews. The majority of them were startups since I didn't think I could land a job at a massive company with little experience. That is until after I went through GenSpark's program I landed a job from the first interview with a Fortune 500 company.

Pro érvek

Pros: Bring interviews to you ( you don't have to go look for company recruiters ), Paid while learning, No direct payments are needed ( they benefit from their clients paying to get YOU )

Kontra érvek

Cons: Some experience is highly recommended ( might be required in some cases ), Possibly required to work on-site
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Great place to get your foot in the door

You get what you put into it. If you need someone to hold your hand the entire way, this won't be for you. But if you're passionate about learning software development, and getting your foot in the door somewhere, this is one of the best opportunities to do so.
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"If you are stuggling use SoloLearn in your spare time"

The training was just Leek code problems you had to figure out how to do, skip them and just study Leek code problems for a month and learn the topics. That is all they are going to tell you to do, we were suppose to work on group progects and nobody helped and then they make you do Glider Exams which track your web cam and mic to make sure you do not look anything up while doing Lekk code problems.
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Always learning

Your main role here is to always be learning. They hire you to essentially train for 3 months and at the end of those 3 months, they find a company for you to interview for.
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