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Favoritism and a lack of ethics

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If you are a "yes man" and the supervisors like you, you will have a company car and be placed in the field. If you speak out about the corruption of the insurance industry or try to be an honest adjuster, you will be placed in the worst shops that GEICO is in bed with (repair xpress program). I was hired at $4k more than an untrained employee due to my college degree. When my first annual evaluation came to get a raise, I was told I wouldn't be getting a raise like the others that were hired at the same time as me because I was already making more.
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Good Workplace

Fun workplace. Do your your job correctly and you should be fine. I enjoyed my time there and learned a lot as CSR. The pay could be better so is the training
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Great coworkers and lower level management

I started at GEICO in 2017 and have had 3 promotions since then. In the past few months, there have been a lot of internal organizational changes that have negatively impacted the opportunity for advancement.Supervisors and managers are great and attempt to get to know you on a personal level. Upper-level management, however, is so far removed. They don't take the time to get to know the employees that ultimately report to them and don't make decisions to benefit their employees.The benefits and training are fantastic. Communication needs a lot of work.
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Great for entry level only

GEICO is excellent for entry level phone agents. They are not currently competitive in retaining talent and middle management is underwhelming. From the beginning GEICO was deceptive in hiring; I applied for their management program and without telling me interviewed and hired me for an entry level phone position. They convinced me to give them a shot but lied about the ease of moving up; they give preference to external candidates for the required management training. Pay is amazing and that's where their advantage ends.
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Depends on SUPERVISOR!!

This is a pretty good company to work for.  They train you for the job obtained and the biweekly pay was always on time. 🤞🏼you have a personable, helpful and good spirited supervisor because if not it might break you, due to your departments specific job requirements. I never had a problem with my biweekly paycheck direct depositing. Lunch breaks are 30mins for every 8hrs worked, personal time for bathroom and smoke breaks are 15mins. Only advice is to be on time because they aren't really lenient on punctuality, communicate with your supervisor about your needs, and if you don't like your position/department then switch because you can transfer dept every 3months.
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Fun workplace

Great company, amazing people, and the benefits are good. The pay could be better, but it’s fairly easy to work your way to the top, especially if you have a great manager that’s willing to assist.
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Great pay and great people

You have to push yourself. Sometimes management will not support you or communicate with you. Other than that Geico is a good company to work for and you can move up fast.
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Gone Downhill

I worked at GEICO for almost six years. We got a new CEO two years ago and it’s been a horrible place ever sense. They never fired anyone, now random layoffs happen all the time. No one wants to stay at the company and most top talent is leaving. Do not work here if you want any job security. All the new management are incompetent and are friends with the new CEO. Just don’t work at GEICO for a career. If you want to get experience do that and then find a better insurance company to work for.

Pro érvek

They pay you

Kontra érvek

No job security at all.
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We had a good team and we managed to have fun.

I worked at a GFR office, the owner was nice but he didn't know anything about the work or how to run the office. There was no proper training, no clear instructions on anything, nobody knew how to do anything, it was horrible. Geico its a control freak and it was always getting on the way of our sales. Seriously our worst competitor was Geico corporate. They promised to provide leads for us and they did but after several days that they had called the prospects many times and they were already sick of getting those calls. Geico corporate provided better pricing than the GFRs on the phone and online. We were hired to perform certain tasks and ended up doing other ones; the commissions were supposed to be great, never happened for anyone because Geico corporate didn't allow it; everything was an illusion.
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toxic working place not worth the money

pays well if you're willing to sacrifice your mental well being. toxic work environment and unhelpful management. Little vacation and sick time given. Decent benefits.
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Stressful but decent pay

Coming from the claims perspective seemed like they prioritized number of calls answered over service provided and customer needs met. Paid ok though and there were almost always opportunities to pick up additional shifts.
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Great place to work.

Great place to work. I loved working at GEICO. The upper management was supportive and helpful. Work-life balance is neutral. They have great benefits.
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Good starting job in insurance

Overall Geico teaches you the bare minimum to get you by in the realm of insurance you deal with. Pay is not competitive. There’s very little consideration for people who have schedules that limit their availability. More focus on reviews and surveys than actually trying to do what’s best for the customer. Doesn’t allow you to be a “human”, you are expected to act as a robot. It is good to get your feet wet in the industry, but I’d recommend any local insurance agency over Geico.
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Left feeling stagnant

I started off excited for an opportunity with Geico because I wanted to get into the auto insurance industry. After being there for almost three years I left because I felt hopeless as far as advancement and I felt like a number overall. Management wasn’t interested in getting to know most of us as people together only cared about our metrics.
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Profit over people

I’ve worked with the company for 9 years. I’ve been in sales the entire time; both as a sales agent and a sales supervisor. The last two years has really turned into profit over employees.
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Great Learning Opportunity

GEICO has great pay for the area and great training in claims handling. They also have FANTASTIC benefits including the following:1) Insurance2) Paid Time Off3) Two employee gyms on site plus an outdoor basketball court4) Two banks + ATMs on site5) Great security team that makes everyone working in the building feel safe6) All equipment needed to work from home, and helpful IT support who can help even the least tech-literate of usYou learn a lot while working at GEICO. Training is famously top notch in the industry, to the point where other insurance companies LOVE to hire GEICO adjusters because they know that we know what we are doing.If you are starting out in insurance, this is the best place to dip your toes in the water. However, to be successful, you will need to work a LOT. This job will be difficult if you have a family at home. You will be exhausted every single day even if you don’t have a family at home. The job is extremely stressful. It seems obvious, like, “Well of course, people are calling in about collisions and are going to be upset!” No. They are not just upset. They are abusive. They scream. They cuss. They make threats. This job will make you nearly lose faith in humanity.There are the best of supervisors and there are the worst of supervisors. Unfortunately, there are not enough checks in place to easily identify the bad supervisors/management. You’ll learn the #1 rule of “if you didn’t document it, it didn’t happen” in training. Don’t forget it - not just for the claim files, but for interactions in all aspects with anyone in the company. - 
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Nice internship that taught me how to lead

I worked here as an intern and it was cool to work with others my age. The internship was fun and I really liked the people here. I didn’t end up working here because I felt like it would be like a cubicle/call center which isn’t what I was looking for
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Great Job

If you’ve worked in a call center environment before this job is great. Easy to learn and great pay and benefits. It’s not hard unless you’re not good with customer service or computers.
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Micromanging and depression

Whether you start out in service, claims, or sales, it's difficult regardless. For me I worked 4 10 hour days. I worked here during covid and had to work from home. Calls are nonstop back to back. People are nasty and the training doesn't really prepare you for that. If you forget to say something correctly, your phone call gets marked for a quality error and that in turn goes against your ability to transfer departments, shifts, teams, etc. Ultimately it can lead to your termination. Management was constantly on top of you if you don't hit your calls per day, which was also a part of your overall score. All in all, I ended up quitting because I cried everyday. I had to start taking anxiety and depression medications and I realized that if I need to be medicated to do my job, it isn't the best fit for me.
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Great place to work

Geico gives you a fun and family environment and everyone is helpful to each other. There is room for growth and management is A1! Pay is negotiable and if you are licensed to sell insurance, check them out, they are a wonderful company to work for.
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Productive and fun workplace

Great advancement opportunities. Hard work does pay off at this company. Going above and beyond is rewarded. Overtime always available. Holidays required.

Pro érvek

Great benefits

Kontra érvek

Long work days
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