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Productive and fun

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I love this job, checking passengers in and being informed of the different, beautiful places they travel to is my absolute favorite part. I appreciate my manager and my supervisors, they’re so respectful, nice and always helpful! The only thing I don’t like about this company is how little we get paid for what we do, the fact that we only get 1 week worth of ptos per year and no sick leave. That’s not right.
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It's good job

The only hard part of the job is dealing with the heat, it can definitely wear you out. Good people to work with helps you get thought the day. The pay is good and will work with you if you need time off.Car
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Room to grow

Working for gat as a customer service agent can be a little stressful at times when it comes to dealing with customers and sometimes contemplating on wether the pay is worth it but there is room to improve and advance here in a short time and the co-workers here make it better
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Fun environment but hard work

Don’t listen to the negative reviews of former employees with zero work ethic. Love the employees and Managers! Everyone truly cares about what they do and even the managers will jump in and work when staffing is short! Show up, do your Job and have fun with it! Amazing flight benefits and amazing people
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Very busy at times, passengers are pleasant

The job is not hard, but to work with a bunch of young adults that are very impatient towards passengers is hard.. the general manager shouldnt be in her position at all, rude and disrespectful towards workers.. you wont get a raise bc your not good enough to get one... coworkers screaming at each other in front of passengers. I loved my job wholeheartedly and i was degraded by co workers and general mangets family members that worked there.
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Fun caring enviroment

I love working for team syr gat i love the managers and evwrything about the company. If u are looking for a job that has a good work enviroment then GAT is the company to work for
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Comfortable work environment and great management

Typical work day is we come in chill and wait for the plane to arrive. Once the plane arrives we unload, and then wait to board the flight. We always have a lot of down time what I like about this job.
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Productive and fun environment

Our team is great and works together well. When problems arise management is around to help answer questions and provide guidance. I’m always happy to go in to work.
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Productive and fun place to work

I tend to learn something new everyday I come to work. The environment is positive and upbeat! Great management! Very flexible and adaptable schedule.
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terrible company, unprofessional, ignorant, unorganized clown show

Wouldn't recommend even wasting your time, unprofessional, unorganized, and very disrespectful staff/employees. Everyone is rude, you're unable to reach them. It was just an overall mess. Please don't waste your time with this job.

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Overall a great company to work for.

GAT is a great company for advancement. Overall a great company to work for. Great people and good benefits. Flexible hours, competitive conversation,
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I love it here

This is by far my favorite job so far. Management is top tier. I love almost everyone I work with. The job is not hard at all. The benefits are decent. Management ACTUALLY cares about their employees and they show you. Team work is impeccable. I don’t see myself leaving this company any time soon.
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Productive and learnful

This job is cool and interesting you get to learn new stuff and you meet different kinds of people in my opinion. Nice people to work here . Helpful .
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Great place no hours

Nobody gets 40 hours. If you’re looking for part time work than go ahead and work there. But there is no full time position for this company unless you’re a supervisor or manager.
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Work experience

Ok place to work just don't have a set schedule. This job is not ideal for people with kids. Getting paid was a hassle too, I worked for over a month without receiving any pay.
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This job is well organized and is good on team work . This is a comfortable place to work and especially for the ones who is antisocial . I really love this job
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Very fun and professional work place

Great management and great people to be around everyone here makes it a fun place to be at but also makes sure we get the job done in a timely matter.
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An environment made to make you feel small and insignificant.

The management treats its employees like children and will yell at you for making the simplest mistakes. Has an employer ever scolded you with their hands on their hips and acted as if they were your parent if your answer is no then you have worked in healthy workplaces where the management understands boundaries, do not expect such luxuries here.
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alway learn new things

alway somethings new, plan alway change everyday. I have fun working out door. My work schedule is very flexible and it fit my life schedule. you can learn something new every day.
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Great Management and Great team

You are on the right place! General Manager and Ops Managers work together with the entire team to achieve more and more goals. Proper training, great people around, safe environment.Pleasure being here as of part of this great team.
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Always something new

It’s always a new experience here and I don’t get the flexibility I get anywhere else,the work place is good we are going to need a new building soon
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