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Challenging work and always changing work enviroment

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You start early in the morning between 3-6AM and drive out to your first designated store. You go to the stockroom of that store and bring out the back stock or new shipment. From there you then stock and merchandise product onto the shelves and displays. You knock down the cardboard for reuse and then clean up any mess. Then you front all the shelves and displays and check out with the store manager if available. You then drive to your next designated store and repeat.
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At the end of it all. The managers at Frito only care about their numbers. They would cram products into the store that you never ordered. Which increases the amount of hate from store manager and others.
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H.a been with the company for several years, have seen people come and go. The pay and benefits are good but turnover is high. The job has been stressful most of the time because of backstock, co-leads, managers, store chaos and bad sleeping habits.
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Fun if you like working in retail.

No benefits for working part time except getting gas mileage in which they don't tell you how to complete it. You work your hours. Takes your whole day away. To much driving involved.
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Great place to work. Hours were kind of long but the pay makes up for that. Could be a good job but it depends on what route you are assigned. The route makes a difference
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The company takes a proactive approach to meet certain goals and management has a positive outlook towards mentoring employees

This company has decent benefits with somewhat flexible hours as you are paid salary,, so the earlier you start the earlier you get back home... I started work at a very early 4am to try to get my stepvan loaded up with my day's route of inventory and hit the road avoiding the NYC morning and evening rush .. I created a great amount of relationships with store clerks store managers and colleagues which I learned a lot from...the only whamees in my supermarket route were the receiving area clerks who are there to hold up the merchants to account for every item brought in matches the invoice (understandable but tedious) Overall I had a great experience there.
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Best job I've ever had

It was a pretty fun gig. I ended up leaving so I wouldn't be a crutch to my family and to make a name for myself but would have loved to move up. I was just a detailer but was treated extremely well.
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No bueno

Work gets dumped on you because of a lack of accountability. Since RSR work alone they figured out a way to do bare minimum and pass it on to the next person on your route to finish the job. NO BUENO
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Decent pay

Decent pay but very long work hours are expected. Sometimes receiver were hard to deal with while others were easy going. Be prepared to work fifty plus hours weekly
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Great company as a vendor

Overall frito lay is a good Overall company, lots of freedom on the job, should be getting paid more, they cut commission, now on a bonus incentive pay where they can dictate how much product you get that's hurts your performance
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Only if you’re desperate

I worked there for 17 years, finally left in April and I couldn’t be happier. The environment and culture just beats you down and the pay isn’t worth the frustration. The benefits are meh but compared to my current employer, they’re light years behind. There are no such things as 40 hour work weeks there, you stay till the job is done, whether it takes you 6 hours or 12 hours a day. The company is changing in the wrong direction, they don’t fully understand the new work climate we’re in and they refuse to adapt. Also, unless you have a meaningless degree, you have no shot to advance your career. The company values a piece of paper over real world experience and knowledge.

Pro érvek

Everybody will always buy chips

Kontra érvek

Work life balance is nonexistent, work in the heat/humidity/cold
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There is one great district manager

Working at Frito lay was a lovely work place it had its ups and downs due to drivers being late then blaming the merchandiser for being slow and them not taking accountability that they showed up hours late to the store blaming the warehouse didn’t load the truck on time or some nonsense then letter you get a call being told you need to work faster but not all the drivers are the same.i worked with some of the best route salesman and some of the worst but overall I had a district manager who I reported to daily who was a great man never have I had a manager with such professionalism and kindness and understanding he wasn’t one to stand and watch us work when it came to big displays or resets he wouldn’t stand there and watch us work he would work right beside us there’s not much management like him it was an honor working for his district biggest regret is leaving the company but other then that just adapting to the times you gotta get up really early depending on your routes but I loved it there.
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Not fun

You will not have a family life or life at all working at this place, they force 60 hour weeks and everybody is extremely tired. The shifts are terrible. I wouldn't recommend this company to a single person
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Managers definitely have favorites. It is hard to move up if you do your job good they will try to keep you in the same spot . You will have to bid for better schedule and it does not go based on work preformed but who has been there longer. Glad I got out when I did.
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Forced overtime,

Lots of hard-work so time flies. After your 8 hour shift, you cross your fingers you won't have to work overtime. High turn over rate which increases the forced overtime. I usually work straight 12s and will be lucky to get one day of an 8 hour shift. Not an ideal job if you want to spend time with your family. Decent pay and semi decent management but like the Packers and packaging machine operators, they just come and go. So many outdated machines that constantly break and sometimes can't be fixed by the mechanics. Must watch your paychecks and track your days because they'll short your paychecks and never tell you, also the crewing coordinator can wrongfully add missed days to your record which can jeopardize your job. Overall two stars, which is sad because it has the potential to be a great place to work.
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Was a great company once

Things just seemed to fall apart. Management typically never had a real understanding of the jobs we were doing. Management needed better training to understand the people they were over seeing.
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overall good

overall good experience working with this company. Nothing bad to say, nothing good. Overall it was okay. Only worked here for a short period of time.
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Great pay, bad training

Hard work but worth it, other then sonority and favoritism it wasn’t a bad place. High turn over rate and long hours. Worked 7 days a week at times. Great company benefits
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Not a fan

I don’t feel fairly compensated for the work i put in, pay is weird and has been messed up multiple times on multiple occasions including not getting paid for working extra days. Not a fan of the managers they hire, I get a strong feeling of favoritism and highly biased managers.
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Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not.Early mornings with not many early days. Management shows who they like and don’t like and they don’t make it a secret.
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Hard work but can be rewarding

Worked for almost a year here. The pay is great and the perks are even better but management and HR is the biggest problem here. They are so catty and think they are above you as staff. I had to stay in the hospital with my father for almost a month and they did not comply to me when it came to my leave. They were dismissive and unresponsive and lacked empathy to my situation so I left. Also, Goodluck with the forced overtime for anyone. They want you to live, die, and breathe Frito Lay as if you do not have your own life. Wait until and hour before your shift starts to let you know if you’ll be working or not on your ASSIGNED off days.
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