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Production is fun

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It’s a pretty solid place to work usually get weekends off and people always friendly. HR is the reason I say 3 stars not 5, they really suck at their jobs. For instance someone that goes to college for skilled trades positions, they will say you’re not qualified, yet hire ex WOW cable installers and say they’re qualified!! LOL. Pretty funny Stuff!!!
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Flex n gate is a good company to work for.

I trained on different machinery every other day I loved to do different jobs tasks, the supervisor will work with u, if they see that u are a team player and a hard working individual.

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They benefits are good.
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Toxic work environment

Very disappointing place to be every day. They do NOT appreciate hard working ppl, whatsoever. They allow some ppl to break all the rules, while others are expected to comply. Some very Miserable management to deal in some departments. Subject to the different pay rates and will never be able to make the top wages. Takes yrs to get to the capped wage. It's hard work

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Pay grid, union, constant lay offs, unsupported by management. Miserable HR
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Productive but stressful at times

Great for meeting new people. Hours are set and plenty of overtime available. Point system sucks and human resources department leaves something to be desired.
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Niveau salaire : Correct Niveau ambiances : beaucoup de vice cache
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5 stars

What is the best part of working at the company?Welder is the best package handler is the second best I'm great at all of it .What is the most stressful part about working at the company?None of it is stressful easy workWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Very positive work ethic is great Energy is greatWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Good sunny day
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Not a fun experience

Unprofessional office. Very toxic and negative. Do not work here. Always felt like I was doing things wrong because of the micromanaging. Even when you follow the detailed instructions the manager will find a way to say something negative. Could speak to co-workers without the manager interrupting.

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Pay is great

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Toxic, no work growth opportunities
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Muy buena empresa automotriz para trabajar

En Flex N Gate hay buenas oportunidades de crecimiento si te esfuerzas, en general las prestaciones son muy buenas.
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Not productive.

Terrible place to work. Management been handed their position by friends and have no clue how to run an fortune 500 company. They treat all they employees like criminals because how they feel about Detroit.
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Stressful, Fast paced

Learned alot while working here. Found what I didn't want to do for a living. Great people to work with. Actually miss these people every day. I am in a better place now.
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I enjoyed working here until they moved me to another dept

They moved me to a more stressful dept that worked different hours and had to work more days without increasing our pay it made it hard for me as a parent to be able to go to other appointments because I no longer was able to have fridays off and sometimes even have to work during the weekend I was never asked if i wanted to move they just moved me and refuse to give me a raise for having to work in a more difficult department. Went from working Mon-thurs to working mon-fri and sometimes having to come in 2 hours early or stay 2 hours late and sometimes working 6 to 7 days a week now, this is why i am looking for another job. a lot of temps are being hired and are being hired making almost what I make now being there for 4 years and they don't speak English, disappear regularly without anything being said to them. They also are letting bad quality work pass without being wrote up for it, normally we get wrote up for it. We also pointed out to make sure to quality check their parts but still didn't do it and a lot of bad parts made it to the docks to be shipped out. This place is loosing good employees! I used to love my job!!
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Work OT

Unlimited OT decent pay overworked it’s NOT climate controlled and hella chiefs not enough Indians if you know what I mean but it’s decent fast paced job
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A sweat shop

I don’t recommend working here. Forced to work all kinds of over time even when you sign up for days. You will get days you didn’t sign up for. People do whatever they want. Lots of family. Also a lot of non English speaking people. You’re stuck on the same job forever. They have a point system.
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Work you to dearh

This place is horrendous. Machine cycle times are way too fast. The product will burn your hands. Management does not care about you. You’re just a body and totally expendable.
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Just don't.

Absent, disconnected manager, doesn't even know the general details of the department they manage and gives zero support unless its his pride on the line. Severely understaffed by intention. 7 days a week work schedule, some weeks topping 90 hours, as a typical schedule. Blatant preferential treatment in many aspects. Employees are viewed as consumable. This place will chew you up and toss you in the trash and move on to some other poor sap to rinse and repeat. Worst job I've ever had, and I've worked a month of 60/wk OT without being paid at a previous job. Only upside is the supervisors are good folks, and some of the coworkers are good folks as well. Company, management culture, and business plan are trash. Save yourself the damage and just don't.
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Went downhill bad news

Company will work you to death. Dont care about you or your family all you are to them is a number. Used to be better paying but now is one of the lower paying jobs in the area. Stay away if you value your sanity
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J'ai rien à dire je suis resté 1 semaine mais c'est très intéressant en une semaine.

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Chèque vacances

Kontra érvek

J'ai été appelé que pour une semaine
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Great place to work

Friendly efficient understanding helpful! My time here was amazing. My manager was very understanding about life situations. The pay is excellent. I have no complaints
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Productive and fun great company

Flex-N-Gate by far was the best company I've worked for the pay was great and the people even better! Every company have there issues Especially in the automotive field but all in all a great experience
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Plays favorites. Over works employees

Decent pay awful leadership. No work life balance. It's all work or nothing at all. There are a few decent people among the crowds, but for the most part, a toxic environment.
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Always something to do! Great opportunities within the job. You get good hours (40+) as well as overtime and paid holidays off! The pay is pretty good and you get paid every week.
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