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Flex-N-Gate – karrierlehetőségek és munkakörülmények

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    Shahid Khan
    elégedett Shahid Khan teljesítményével
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    több mint 10 000
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    300 milliárd – 1 billió HUF
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    Urbana, IL
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    Flex-N-Gate honlapja

Starting with aftermarket parts in 1956 and moving into O.E. in 1968, Flex-N-Gate produces the highest quality products and systems for the automotive industry. With our extensive plastics, metals, lighting and mechanical assemblies experience, we persistently strive for continuous improvement and on-time delivery of defect-free products.

The diverse members of the Flex-N-Gate group of companies adhere to the highest possible principles of social and economic development consistent with the local, regional, national and international scope of our operations. We embrace social principles of universal application, with support and guidance from international organizations of the highest reputation, including the Sullivan Group and CERES. We declare our affirmative preference to establish long-term relationships (commercial and otherwise) with others who share our view of the importance of and strive to implement these principles. The following declarations represent the main pillars of our ongoing commitment.

Flex-N-Gate Corporation is committed to continual improvement of its Environmental Management System (EMS), which includes waste minimization, the prevention of pollution, and compliance with all relevant federal, state, and local environmental regulations. This company will meet or exceed the environmental requirements of other organizations to which Flex-N-Gate Corporation subscribes. To sustain this commitment, the requirements of the EMS described in the Corporate Policy Manual apply to all activities, equipment, material, and employees.

The company's Environmental Managers have the responsibility and authority to plan, enforce, and maintain the company's EMS. This responsibility also includes stoppage of activities that deviate from the requirements of the Corporate Policy Manual. The Environmental Committee will propose annual targets and objectives for improvement of the EMS.



GM Supplier of the Year Award

GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award

Toyota Gold Quality Alliance Award

Subaru Silver Supplier Excellence Award

Ford Global Quality Brand Pillar Award


GM Supplier of the Year Award

Ford World Excellence Gold Award

GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award


GM Supplier of the Year Award

Ford World Excellence Award for Allied Business Principles

Ford World Excellence Gold Award for Metal Bumpers

Chrysler Supply Chain Management Award

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