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Improved my skillset while working at FIS

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Fun place to work and improved my skills at the same time. Nice people and latest technology. Too much work during the month end and month starting days.
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Horrible work/life balance

The pay is decent but now for how hard they work you. There is mandatory Overtime every week and your are rarely off on weekends. If you have small children it’s very hard to balance,

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They will wear you down.

The raises there was a real joke there...depending on who likes you and who doesn't which is bad. Which flavor of the day are you? Supervisors are unreachable, There are no end of the year reviews with your Supervisors to figure why your raise was so low. Never have I worked in a company such as this. This company is petty. They treat the adults like 5 year Olds not everyone is gonna scam you guys!They treat this as a 3rd party collections shop. STOP

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The benefits but, very expensive.

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No end of the year review, pettiness.
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Unprofessional management . Managers not very helpful and Don't know the system. Force overtime. Systems stall or breaks. IT tech isn't much help. The company doesn't have a good nesting system after training.
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Overall Good

Due to some personal reason I had to leave, although I wished to work for a longer time. It's good company. The shift timing was rotational but they provide stability like they don't change is every week.
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Unprofessional toxic work environment

The culture was toxic and unprofessional. Management often openly discussed their views on politics. Favoritism, biased managers were the norm. Making complaints often meant Human Resources just told the person the complaint was about and you were treated as a step child.

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Someone of the employees

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Toxic unprofessional and biased management
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Worst workplace

No technical growthWorking in early morning on Weekends like 5:am Late night meetings till 12:30am.No work life balanceSalary is ok.Support work only.
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Unlimited OT

This company offers unlimited OT, but hourly rates is below average. Have excellent training for positions. You can definitely learn the Chargeback process. Does offer growth within the company, I think if company paid alot more the turnover wouldn't be so high.
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Good Company

Work life balance is goodwork from home100% bonus quarterly paidAverage hikes every yeargood health insurance policyHR - need improvement especially with IJP & Referral
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Good benefits

Good benefits with high deductible plans. Low work life balance. It was a high stress job with fair pay. Company works hard to have on-site events to motivate the staff such as good trucks or carnivals.
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Great company

Good work-life balanceGood payGood cultureNot so much to do but it is still worth it. Has good compensations also. Has hood opportunity to learn more technologies.
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Work life balance

A company with great work life balance and benefits.You can switch team through internal job posting.Learning curve depends on the product and team you are going to work.
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Good wage and outstanding support

The people were the best part of this job. Job itself was not difficult and you had plenty of intensive training to prepare for it. Management really seems to care about their people. The only thing lacking was an opportunity for advancement. Once you were in your role, you were pretty much stuck there.
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Management is out of touch with workers

Management strives for big initiatives but doesn’t evaluate the workload already on peoples plates. Job security was always a worry. Positions are cut for cost savings but then workload is dumped onto others. Burnout was always an issue among teams.

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Decent pay

Kontra érvek

management, culture
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Hivatalos válasz innen: FIS

2022, június 20.
We are glad to hear you think FIS is an organization that provides good compensation. Since you are no longer an active FIS colleague, we can’t get more details on your feedback with regards to the cons you have mentioned, but we wish you the best of luck.

Contract work

They lay you off without warning after knowing the contract was ending months in advance hours are great , work is boring but easy , underpaid overworked
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The work environment is quiet stressful. When changing to another department they nly gave us three days for the training.

The work environment is quite stressful. When changing to another department they only gave us three days for the training. Incentives are good though and the pay is just sometimes delayed.
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Not recommended

Not recommended at all. High stress environment and full of management leading "by stick". A lot of nonsense calls and not appreciate people at all. Not recommended place for job.
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They dont care about you

If your numbers aren’t the requirement or lower its YOUR FAULT AND ONLY YOU. Not too mention how they’ll curse you out and you have to give three warnings until you can free yourself from the shackles Of abuse, the caller can literally say what ever to you up until the third warning and if they decide to clean it up you'll still have to help the same person who just shouted atrocities at you and it wouldn't be so bad if you were paid decent to deal with it but the pay for this is not that good considered the different skills you have to learn and abuse you have to endure. Cycling back to the mental health portion, I started a very happy person, very optimistic and happy to work here but after realizing everything I find myself very sad,apathetic, unmotivated and depressed. I do hope sometimes I get hurt badly so that I don't have to endure it anymore, the constant degradation on your performance, the abuse from the callers and the anxiety of having to finish your calls under 5 minutes lingers in the back of my mind so bad that it’s literally all I think about when im working, how do you expect to help people at the best of your ability all while finishing your call in 5 minutes- your a literal emotional punching bag and a worker bee at the same time, I almost started smoking nicotine to cope with the stress of this job. Ill probably start looking for another job but I just want everyone to be aware of the environment here its very numbers and stats and nothing to do with how YOU the worker feels. I miss the me that wanted to wake up and contribute to a company that - 
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It is good. Work can be a little stressful but everyone is supportive and collaborative. Mangers are also responsive and quite open-minded. Recommended.
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good company to work.

overall good company, management is not good, dumping things to employee, poeple are also good enough, you can join here if you have last option. thank you
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Fun workplace

Salary is good they have a yearly appraisal. salary increased depends on your score. Work as a team. They have shower room and sleeping quarters on where you can rest. O
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