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Munkavállalói értékelés – FedEx

Simple but fast paced work. Advancement is easily earned if you are dedicated.

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2017, február 1.
The job is just as simple as it sounds. You will be taking packages from a chute and placing them in a truck trailer as quickly and orderly as you can. There is a a bit to be learned about performing this in a more efficient manner but if you are dedicated then it can be done within a few days. The only major concern you will have is maintaining a satisfactory pace early on, wearing the proper protection and getting used to the occasionally uncomfortable temperatures. The interaction with your co-workers is usually spars after your first introductory week, as you primarily work by yourself within a trailer, but during your first few days a senior employee will help you get adjusted to your work fairly often. Despite this the workplace culture could be described as a friendly competition. While you are all on a team within your section, numbers are recorded both individually and as a group. Everyone can see who is working the hardest. However; this can lead to the most difficult part as strong workers in the more favorable will likely be picking up the slack for newcomers. The most enjoyable part is the feeling of accomplishment when you consistently make the top of the board.
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Well stocked vending machines with cold drinks, dedication and good work is quickly noticed
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Gloves required or you will get hurt, the trailers have no air conditioning.
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  1. Simple but fast paced work. Advancement is easily earned if you are dedicated.