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Good work place,early morning hours

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2018, január 16.
I work in the fright part if FedEx Ground, were we are loading a package onto the truck and a large number of boxes coming down five different conveyer belt, the day started off good to when the unload started moving and we find that they were short of people.With that being said the boxes that were coming down in the top part of the sort were no one was their so all the boxes that went down the belt went anywhere so that slow up the process and put operating system behind we quickly work together as a Team and clean up the boxes and pull a little over time but we still meet our quota.I learned that if we work as a team we get the job done much quicker and that what we were taught to work as a team, the workplace is great clean an well mannered in safety rules.When the job short of people and a lot of fright the employees that been their work overtime and working all week, they work out or overwhelm but everyone still works as a team.Working hard pays off recommendation to the management and the company, so awards be awarded along with functions
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they would by us food
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  1. Good work place,early morning hours