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Fun workplace, great atmosphere

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2015, április 21.
I was a package handler, so basically just come in for the pre-sort meeting. That was the first thing, lasts about five minutes – talk about what we’re going to do for the day. Then, we get to work. So, the receiving… trucks that have been there and already receiving would get unloaded and sent up through a series of belts and chutes, and as that would come across, it would get sorted into their different destinations that we’re going to be sending them out to. So as we sort them, they get sent to their own individual belts across a long line. We had at least 30-some doors. And as they got sent to their individual trucks, we would just have to make sure to use a scanner, a little hand scanner that would track the bar code and make sure it’s going to the right truck. It gets put in the truck and sent to the back. And then you have to do a good job building the walls, so you could get as much packages into the proper trucks as possible.
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  1. Fun workplace, great atmosphere