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Abusive work environment

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2019, február 7.
Worked here three years accident free. Hostile work environment, I was placed in unsafe work conditions without proper training then threatened regularly for minor details that didn't matter while other workers got away with anything and were given their fair share by their friends, favoritsm, bullying, nepotism, discrimination, being lied to, lied about, people constantly trying to get you fired when your one of the best employees, never being given enough hours to make it worthwhile. Working here I was placed on payed suspension and fired after being cornered by management, cursed at, had my work and supplies yanked away from me and was physically assaulted by two managers because I said no to an unreasonable request. There are much better jobs out there, stay far away from FedEx, it's highly unsafe with terribly abusive narcissistic unreasonable disrespectful management with a personal bias, an axe to grind and an inflated god like opinion of themselves. I also had co-workers shining powerpad lasers at my face repeatedly after I told them to stop and probably caused permanent damage to my vision.
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