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A fun workplace in and out the warehouse.

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2017, június 28.
A typical work day at FedEx Express would be first thing in the morning we would stretch as a group, unload all the packages out of cans, and load the packages on to the correct courier truck to get ready for delivery. The overall workplace is fun and everyone gets along with each other. I've learned a lot, far as new area's and new addresses. My job as a courier is pretty easy, but i would say the hardest part of the job is getting the package to the pin point correct location which can be a hassle at times. Overall not to bad, Management is always a call away if you need help.
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3,0Munka/magánélet egyensúlya
4,0Munkahelyi biztonság/Előrelépés
5,0Céges kultúra
Pro érvek
Getting tipped by your favorite customers, and free food from management.
Kontra érvek
fast-paced don't really get a break, and a lot of heavy lifting.
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  1. A fun workplace in and out the warehouse.