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4,3Munka és magánélet egyensúlya


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I was able to learn a lot about the mainframe COBOL programming.

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I don't recall much about the company. I do remember the staff and management being flexible with the time worked. I also found my co-workers and management to be very accommodating in allowing me these hours to avoid the bulk of rush hour traffic.
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Friendly people

As start of my application all Talent Acquisition team was so friendly and understanding love this company will recommend to my friends also relatives that interested to apply
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its a very good company to work, good environment and opportunities to grow, with good culture at all time, good staff and more in this company and i like it
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Nice work enviroment

they are people first and thats a very good thing because them makes you feel comfortable and happy working for them. Also they have some benefits that are so good and they always pay on time.
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Productive and people are nice

The recruitment team is pleasant and they're fast in the recruitment process. People are friendly to talk with, they're approachable when it comes to your concerns they act immediately. During the interview, simple questions don't make any complications for you. A company that perfectly will fit you, life balance.
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Awesome place to work

I have worked in the Call Center industry for over 10 years and this is one of the best places to work. I strongly recommend it!
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Excelente empresa

Es una empresa que valora el recurso humano y promueve la igualdad en las personas y da oportunidades de crecimiento
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Productive and good place to work

When I heard about Everise I was not aware of it, but when I applied for a job in customer service and had the interviews, I could see that it is a good place with people who really enjoy their work. Everise has a lot of benefits for us and has a good working environment.
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Productive and encouraging workplace culture.

Everise has given me so far a decent job experience. The managers are very kind and have been keeping up with us during training. I appreciate the work environment and the encouragement when things get stressful. The people in everise in general have been very nice to me and that is something I really appreciate in a job.

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Nice people

Kontra érvek

Being mistreated by costumers
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Employees have a lot of bennefits

Everise is a great enterprice, this company has a lot of benefits to its employees and the environment at work is really good.All people have a great preparation to capacitate others and I think it makes all things that employees make at their worksite is correct and trust.

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one hour of lunch

Kontra érvek

short breaks
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Great, but not much to say yet as we're just starting.

The HR and managers are vey kind and human. We're just starting training, so my honest opinion is yet to be built but so far it's been pretty good. :)

Pro érvek

Life insurance benefit

Kontra érvek

We were asked to stay and do some work-related courses out of our free time.
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stable job

it is an stable company and it offer a lot of options like, schedule, accounts, benefits, an option to work from home and a good environment. it is a good place to work
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Thank you for giving me the opportunity, best company. The people are so good and I have a big expectations about this and my career with them, let's see what happen then.
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its one of the best work experiences

I am really happy to work for the best company in this area, in what is in my hands and possibilities I will do everything possible to do an excellent job.
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Great environment and good trainers

Great place to work Great customer, the job was easy and nothing complicated and also the system was pretty easy and the supervisor were great it was a Backoffice position and it was really comfortable
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Ambiente de trabajo divertido y crecimiento personal y profesional disponible

Todo muy bien, la empresa es bastante buena, ofrece estabilidad laboral y el equipo de trabajo es muy bueno
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Ambiente laboral genial

Una empresa muy formal y totalmente dedicada, se toman el tiempo para resolver el problema que tienes y tratan la manera de apoyarte en todo momento.
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The way that they make you feed welcomed.

I really like the first day in this company and I have high expectations and I see the opportunity to grow up in Everise, cannot wait to start building my career here and become a profesional
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All good

Everything it’s okay i am very happy with the company I like the staff anda the systems and everything si easy to work and understand also I think that we can achieve our goals and do our best
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Muy buena

Es una buena empresa con buenas oportunidades de crecimiento.
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Excellent company

I am so glad to say Everise is such an amazing company, all people, staff most likely always helping you and want you to get all the necessary help.
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