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Könnyen megközelíthető, modern iroda, kedves, fiatalos környezet és kollégák
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Good overall

Great place to work! Encourages to take risks and rewards generously. Leadership is good and is guiding the company in the right direction. Would recommend!
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Fun workplace.

no micro-managed would have to go to sites within the southern California area. would travel to Northern California if needed. I was their road Warrior and could make those trips because I wasn't dedicated to a specific account, like most co-workers.
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Super b

The best place to work. The culture is very warming. Please are competitive and help eaxhouther ot meet teh goals. They recognize people from the fields
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Good for Fresh Graduates

This company offers various trainings for fresh graduates that seeks a good foundation. DXC can offer it all. If you are looking for experience DXC is the on.
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Good place to work

Work life balance is good in DXC technology. There will be no micro management and as a developer it is very important. There are many good project for ServiceNow
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The incredible shrinking DXC

A company that had great ambitions but didn’t have the means to achieve them. The companies (DXC is a merger) never invested in internal tools and it was impossible to get things done. URL’s that were broken, Heath-Robinson systems and processes and the constant job cutting and throwing of businesses overboard. The org structure has changed to line of business from geographical based and I wish everyone luck.

Pro érvek

Large company where you could do things at scale

Kontra érvek

Internal system and processes - a bureaucratic nightmare.
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Good place

Good place to workWork from home optionNice perksGood insurance providedLoys of project Diversified services Present globally Employee engagement Good Leadership
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Great job for fresh grad

I've been here for almost a year and it's really fun working here because of the work life balance. Really great experience for a new hire but don't expect too much from here.
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Good first job out of college. Not worth considering to people already in the industry

What is the best part of working at the company?My coworkers were the best partWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Horrible upper management that had no idea what they were doing.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Dxc's company culture is built around manipulation aof its technicians and the exploitation of hardworkers that NEVER receive due raises.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Constant work and harassment by managers to cover their tracks
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Working from home

working from home wasn't excellent, i started in september 2020, didn't meet most of my colleagues for the 2 years i spent there. Left for more money and a better working system.
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Great place to work

Great place to work, worked for 3.5yrs and can recommend for international exposure, you can learn and understand each country policies and local rules and regulations. Supportive environment and good place to individual growth.
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Work life balance okk

Not good,not good ok to work No hike waste,no on-site work life balance,Work home for life time ,learn more don't come. No hike no proper variable pay
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Big company with a poor strategy

Fewer benefits, and poor communication, especially from the HR department,the absence of open discussions or feedback regarding salary raises made it challenging to understand our career progression within the company. This lack of clarity negatively affected motivation and commitment levels
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Exploits grads

The people you work with are great and love how you can work from home. Culture is alright, however there are no more extras such as free breakfast, massages, Friday drinks etc anymore. The company doesn't fund any special events except for EOY celebrations. Grads are always leaving as due to difficulty getting a pay rise
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Toxic workplace and predatory tenured employees

Fresh Grads Beware! You'll be working task more than you can handle. Tenured employees will transfer tasks to you that are nearing the cutoff period which is impossible to investigate thus receiving the brunt of their failures. This is how they clean their track records for so long. Not to mention the workplace culture requires you to be extrovert and their expectation is very high for newbies.
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The management just says yes to whatever the client tells them

I used to enjoy working for this company but after a few months, things got chippy. Lot of my teammates were moved to a different account. What happened is that, we are supporting 200k+ employees and there are like only 15 agents available for support.
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Low increment, frequent job retrenchment / laid off to hire fresh graduates. High load of job tasks, can be stressful at times. Working environment okay
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Not much fun but good for work from home

Overall good company to work if you are looking for work from homeLearning is there but upto a certain extent and then everything becomes redundant.Everything depends on team like working hours, flexibility, culture, leaves etc.Very much Excel oriented work.
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Good for freshers.

Not much growth post 1 year, good for freshers. if you have no job you can try for this. it also depends on the project which you are working. also TL and few senior not much good.
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Not bad for a first job

Nice place to start off your career, but not to stay for more than 5y.I stayed 10 and it was not good for my career.Have plenty of departments so it is possible to switch between them, which is a plus.
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