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Could be a better place to work.

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From what I hear, Dish is a great and successful company, but Dish Mobile could use a better management, especially at the middle levels. There is no clear communication of the company's business plan, no clear strategy and path forward, not much vision to speak of, and certainly no ability to coach new employees into the great leaders and contributors that they can be. Of course, I can't blame my short tenure at Dish Mobile on these factors. I was having extremely difficult personal issues that greatly impacted my work life, and ultimately led to my departure.
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Bad management

The company is constantly going through changes and implementing new rules and metrics. With these frequent changes there often were people shifting in management teams. One week your reporting to one and the next to the other and frequently they had different approaches and expectations of their employees. There was little communication between coaches and too often I got left hanging with questions or problems I could not resolve on my level. The amount of disorganization in management and with expectations set too high I have seen a lot of long time employees leave. When I left maybe 3 of about 100 employees remained from the team I came into, which most had transitioned to remote from working on site for several years .many expressed to me they left unhappy with what the work environment had become as did I.
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Fun but not enough pay and dangerous at time

Work was good when it was good. But when it got slow you weren't guaranteed work or hours. Plus the company wanted techs to sell stuff all the time. I just wanted to Install and repair.
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Buen ambiente de trabajo, apoyo constante y seguridad

Excelente lugar para trabajar, ambiente agradable, capacitación constante, oportunidad de crecimiento
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Installation turned into a sales role

Got hired as a installation tech and quickly realized that this job was all about selling extra products that most people had no interest in. A lot of the time you’d come to someone’s home to install service, and they would not be able to afford the extra products and you’d get disciplined for not shoving product down customers throats.
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Dish network in roseland = money

First off AMAZING PAY, do your job and your will reap the benefits for sure. They show so much love to their employees. You are able to get promoted very quickly. Great atmosphere to work. free parking. sometimes they provide lunch and snacks. MANAGEMENT/LEADS were sometimes always around to assist team members (unless they were hanging out In the lounge area together lol). Only issue is requesting time off. Your PTO can even be rejected 3 weeks out, if they assume the site will be short staffed (based on others calling out) it will get denied. so good luck with that. lol loved it nonetheless. got my very first car after 3 months of working, credit improved, and communication skills improved from talking on the phone all day. if you are eager to get money, willing to talk on the phone all day, and ACTUALLY have time during the day/late evening, this is the job for you !!!
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Dead end job

Dish has become bottom of the barrel sales is all that is cared about it’s no longer about the customer. Dish is also the only company I’ve ever worked for that essentially refuses to pay you to do their online training, if it’s work related its work compensated is my philosophy. There’s little to no accountability from management and they feel that ignorance is bliss. To little to late should be the company moto. It’s just a job not a career, you can never expect to get your 40 hours a week. My best day at dish will be my last day many of us only stick around because we haven’t found somewhere else to work yet.
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Worst company to work.

The company doesn't care if you worked more then fifteen years. They will fired you for any reason even if you have great performance they will find a way to fired you. They won't give you verbal warning or any consultation even if you never did something wrong.

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No consultations ever you will get fired at anytime.
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Your Best Is Never Enough

They will take everything you have and still ask for more. Working hard is not enough. If you do not produce positive results all of the time they will not be satisfied.
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Horrible workplace

Scorecard is so unbalanced. No one knows anything. You ask managers for answers and they don’t know what to tell you. One bad day could cause you to make $0 in commissions for that week the way the scorecard and system is set up
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Muy bien ambiente

Compañerismo y te apoyan muchas veces le tiene que hacer de supervisor

Pro érvek

Descansas fin de semana aunque son rotativos, bonos, medico en instalaciones y transporte

Kontra érvek

Ponian metas a veces muy elevadas, 10 minutos para el baño, que cambien eso. algunos supervisores sobre todo la coordinadores apaticos con el personal.
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My experience

Great benefits and good management team. Work life balance is a challenge though, shifts can end from 1pm to 12 am. Sales is a huge factor for the company.
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Fast paced

Great culture, but can be stresfull at times due to the type of customers and the metrics.
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Fun workplace

Very challenging environment. Management is fantastic at coaching and helping you along your career. Would recommend to any of my friends!
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Not the best

It since we get to work from home. How ever you are nit picked at for everything. If your even one minute out of a call they start messaging you and asking you why. You are required to sell things no matter what position you are in. You are required to stay in the same position before you are even are allowed to apply for another position. You are paid low less than $20 per hour. Health benefits are awful you need to pay $5000 before the insurance covers anything. If you end up in the hospital and need to call out for it counts against you and you get points against your attendance.
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I started as an analyst and then build my career at DISH running a very STEM focused technical team. It really is up to the individual to shape the type of experience they would like get out DISH. The expectations from the company however are simple, deliver your best version of the product, be passionate about what you do, and be proactive about where you want to take your career. If what excites you is working on problems no one ever worked on that could potentially impact all 300+M individuals in the USA then you will fit right in. It is a hustle and I'm proud of the work that I built and delivered which impacts every customer that talks to DISH to buy our products.Not a good place for people who like to be told what to do or are looking to just coast in their careers.
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Great opportunities to advance

Working as a customer service agent was a little difficult when it came to handling upset customers. But the training was amazing and I get to 100% ready for work. You also have an amazing group of people who are always there to help you if you need it. The company also offers a lot of amazing benefits and many opportunities to advance in the company .
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Decent for what is was worth

All I can say is the company is decent to work for but let me tell you aren't Yes and kiss the behind type of person you will be in for it. The management won't back you up at all and only listen to the people of seniority and your words mean nothing. How can you say you have a open door policy when you do speak up you end up with the short end of the stick. The management stressed me out more than dealing with the customers About the only good thing I got out of this company was some experience and that is it everything is just full of stress management and all. I did meet some cool co-workers thought so ya
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Transitional period

I really enjoy working for Dish. My training has been expansive, my compensation is fair, and management is excellent. From what I hear it hasn't always been this way, so there has been real effort made to improve things for employees while the company adapts to a changing market. The vision for this adaptation is well communicated and exciting.My only critiques are;1) While the pay is good the health insurance is middling.2) Some coworkers have a tendancy to be generally condescending or patronizing for no good reason. This is not unique to Dish, but that doesn't make it pleasant.
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Very challenging yet meaningful work

You had to be a jack of all trades to work here, and you really weren't paid enough to do all the things we were required to do. you had to manage and sell their products, repair customers coax lines and everything else that could be wrong, install new services, train new technicians, drive the work van, educate customers, and more, all for 16.50 an hour. the group chat is like a bunch of high school girls gossiping and snickering about each other behind each others backs, if you weren't friends with the management then good luck getting more than 25 hours a week or ever advancing in the company.
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It was great!

Dish’s was a great company, cared for their employees. They had great events here and there. They offer opportunities to travel like I was sent to the Philippines to help open a new call center. Dish was awesome!
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