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Typical retail work

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If you like sports, fun place to work. You get to chat with people about sports often. Customers as well as employees. Sometimes it can get hectic balancing tasks with customer service. Probably better if you don't get stressed trying to multi-task.
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Fun place to work

Fun place to work if the retail life is for you. The company pushes for equality and diversity with the different awareness topics for different months.
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Amazing experience. Had its negatives which are directly influenced by the manager in store. Very progressive in what they do for the employees and customer.
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Fun work place with the right people

Job was quick to learn and fun job at times with your friends. Customers are very easy to deal with and good lunch breaks. Shifts go by quickly and are usually 5-8 hours long.
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Great place to work

This was a great place to work, I really enjoyed working here. I was there for a few years and everybody got along great. I would recommend it to everyone
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Fair Pay, Low Moral

Average warehouse environment. Productivity comes before all else, even safety. Pay is decent. Horrible shiftism. Very understaffed. No accountability from the top down. But consistent work, paid bi-weekly.
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So so

Some people were nice and some people bashed fellow co-workers all day long. Management wasn’t always the nicest either and at times made comments they shouldn’t have. Not a terrible place to work.
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Decent schedule flexibility and good co-workers, but bad pay and not fulfilling

work was boring, pay isn't great (starts at 12.50) with little opportunities for advancement. the work itself is tedious and very repetitive but pretty relaxed for the most part except back to school or the holidays. the quality of management depends on who is working, they're reliable with getting stuff done but some of the managers have a bad attitude and act like they don't want to be there.
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Average retail job

Good company, ok pay, nice discount. Company forces you to hit metrics quotas and if you don’t then you get penalized. The Coworkers are good people.
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Ok work place

Regular customer service job to be honest. I was also the lead so I had a few other things extra to handle but other than that it was a laid back job. I won't speak on the bad
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Not a very fun place to work. Everybody has their groups of friends and can be very rude if you don’t have similar interests to them. Don’t recommend this job if I’m being honest.
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The general manager at the Medford store is a narcissist to the 10th degree! Stay far far away. It’s not you

I’ve had over 10 different jobs in my life. Never have I’ve been treated so poorly. Nothing is ever good enough for this company they only want more. The general manager is a narcissist if you don’t know what one is look it up before you apply. If that’s what rocks your boat that he’s your man! Total jerk
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I had a fun time working at Dick's Sporting Goods and would recommend it to a friend if they asked if Dick's Sporting Goods was an excellent place to work. Meet a lot of good people there.
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Associate Roll

DSG is a good company to work for. Good work environment. At the end of the day it is a retail job, you have to deal with some funky hours as well as customer service.
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A Good Job

Its a very fun job and promotion is quick. I enjoy working with my team we are all like family and we get to do fun things and celebrations depending on the month like halloween and that.

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very understaffed

I started out in ship to home and helping out with trucks. Eventually became the freight flow lead. When i started we had at 2 people in every department but by the time i left sometimes no one would be in multiple departments and you had to be "crossed trained" in every other department. As a freight flow key carrying lead, I could open and close the store and also run it in absence of the store and assistant manager. While I was there they had two different TIME processes, both of which worked out but only with the right amount of people and often times the hours and staff did not reflect what was needed to hit the goals they wanted which made it a very stressful job.

Pro érvek

Co workers Team atmosphere flexible schedule

Kontra érvek

pay understaffed
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Really Great place to work

I have worked at Dicks Sporting Goods for 3 and a half years now. I have enjoyed every day of it. Make good relationships with the management at your store and they will take care of you.
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Great Environment to Work in

Dicks Sporting Goods has a great management team everywhere you go. I've been working for the company for 3 years and I've enjoyed every minute of it. The only con is I wish they would pay their department leads a little bit more starting out.

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Excellent Work/Life Balance

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Just Management

Every store runs different but management in all stores seems to treat workers the same. They will over work you full time or part time, if you apply for one department you work for the entire store.
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2022, szeptember 19.
Hello – Our corporate Human Resources team would like an opportunity to learn more about your concerns. Please contact our confidential hotline at (866) 814-2749 and provide your feedback so we can review the situation appropriately. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Very flexible

Great workplace if you are a student or looking to get into retail. They are extremely flexible with your work schedule and there are many different departments you can work in.
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Good Job

We spent a lot of time making the store look perfect which was very tedious but the atmosphere was great and I made close connections with my coworkers. Good management.
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