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I've worked for 5 years at Diageo Budapest based office, and even though I very much enjoyed working there at the beginning my enthusiasm got lesser and lesser over the years. This is mainly to blame on mid-level management, some of them working there for 10-15 years and some of them stuck in one position far too long, which leads them to be side-blinded, way to comfortable in their surrounding, in their own territory they all know too well, or at least as they think they know to well! Most of them just want to survive, working 1-2 hours a day max, with minimum effort, constantly unavailable, constantly ill or working remotely, god knows from where exactly. The have no clear goals, no ideas to share, no pushing forward any kind of innovation whatsoever. Most of them are lacking serious management skills, that somehow nobody seems to notice. The way it goes is, if you are friends, siblings, lovers or husband or wife you get to be "selected" as a junior manager or senior manager, if you are new or have no "good connections" you are simply out of the ball game! My overall opinion is, that the company should take very a good look at their leaders and their performances and making sure lazy clowns are removed from their position with immediate affect!
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The company has an overall pleasant atmosphere
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If you are not part of the "circle" you have no chance moving up
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