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Work culture is very good

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Good work life balance Less advance technologyGood peoplesHR department is okish. There are many team build up events and team parties throughout the year
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Great place

This was a great place to work, beautiful office, with good people. They accommodated schedules, and provided a cohesive and supportive environment.
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Good benefits

The benefits are good but pay raises and annual bonuses are not. Most of the employees are great. Constant “restructuring “ is very difficult employees
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It is a good company from learning prospective

It is a good company from learning prospectivemanagement is not good, politics is there, no growth, other than this company is good and great for fresher

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no work life balance
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Best working environment

Great management and best hired people . Appraisals are on the basis of performance. Unbiased promotions. Multiple learning opportunities from Analyst to managerial level .

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Great management, good cafeteria.

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Segíts másoknak a tapasztalataid megosztásával.

Good compensation and benefits, challenging work, but stressful job

Pay and benefits are good, and the work is often challenging. You will learn a lot. Teams are overworked which leads to stressed engineers and managers. Lots of unnecessary meetings, and management doesn't seem to care much about the lackluster work culture. Promotions are hard to come by
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Learning Environment

Good Learning curve for everyone with open culture and worklife balance. Once can free pitch their ideas to management without any fear. Work from home option also available
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Good place for a slow moving fintech world

Good place to work if you are more into up skilling and future proofing your tech stack, otherwise mostly the work is on legacy software which is in the pipeline to migrate to cloud.
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Atmosfir kerja

Sangat Nyaman dan Sersan serius tapi santai , kerja sama team sangat bagus dan penuh tanggung jawab , saling support
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Good people

It is a nice place to work and management is very supportive. Lot is activities going in addition to work place and good opportunity to network and meet senior management
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Project Manager IT Infrastructure

All good from work perspective with overall team work and collaborative way in business deliverables and senior management is also supportive from projects side
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A place to learn other aspects of technology that is not taught in school. A view of how to work and be productive with other colleagues in the field.
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Not very good management

Not enough training at the start, not enough support from management!Good benefits but salary is not average.Very long process for hiring new employees
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Glad I left

The bonuses got smaller and smaller each year. Lots of upper management had less experience than middle managers and had to be trained by the middle managers. Subject matter expert’s had no idea what they were doing. Hated it here
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Great place to work and friendly culture.

Great place to work and friendly culture. i will always want to work there in future if i will get and opportunity. work culture, work life balance, salary all good.

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I love to work again there

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Contractal job with no/little guidance.

Being thrown into a job with no prior knowledge of the policies or guidelines. Different supervisors' feedback is always harsh and self-depreciating. It makes you doubt yourself, and asking for feedback to help you better is ignored.
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Productive Investment Bank with many talented people.

High performance culture within a typical Investment Banking environment. Not for the faint-hearted. Established many long term friendships and industry contacts.
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Solid Place

Solid career advancement. If you put your head down and work hard, there is a chance for advancement unfortunately lots of politics and you need to know the right people.
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Good and releaxed environment

Amazing work life balance, tech stack is very old, not many opportunities to grow, leadership is helpful, not much pressure, lots of resistance towards adopting new technologies.
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Good people, somewhat strange management

If you are good with people, spot-on with data, and have the ability to boil down the complexity to a high level, you will be noticed and you will have your job security but you won't get promoted. Management brings random people from outside and does not provide opportunities to the internal employees.
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