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Great place to work.

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A career and company you'll never want to leave. The first thing you'll learn is that the people you're working with are not your co-workers but your family.
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Not what it used to be.

Delta is not what it used to be. More so, the pandemic ruined our morale. We are overworked as flight attendants and not cared about. We face excuse after excuse.
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Weak leadership and untrained supervisors

I have always thought of Delta one of the top airlines and I thought it would be a great company to work for and the flight benefits would be a huge perk. I was wrong on both counts. It is a petty work environment where meeting goals trumps doing the right thing and the flight benefits are useless, most flight are full or near so.
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Not what I thought

I was so excited about working for Delta but this company well at least the center I work at is horrible. Good ole’ boy philosophy and they truly do not care about employees.
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Good place to work

It's fun with people who work, and the environment is good.I can gain a lot of experience and knowledge, and I am also satisfied with Pay. Various aircraft type, good chance to learn
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My job is very flexible, can plan for days off by swapping with co workers

Some days are harder than others. Sometimes the people you work with are great and some are not. But, overall a great place to work! The pay is good and the flexibility is incredible. Being able to fly anywhere on benefits has gotten harder over the years but still an incredible benefit. The hardest part of the job is how quickly it changes, nothing is consistent. You must be able to quickly problem solve.

Pro érvek

free travel on standby

Kontra érvek

working long days that you didn't plan for
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Generally a great place to work.

Although a great place to work the last year has not been the best for employees. More improvements are needed. Non-pilot employees need more of the pie.
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You can't live with just this one income alone

You will definitely need a spouse' or partner's additional income because you will NOT be able to pay rent or mortgage alone with Customer Service wages, specially because the cost of living did go up in Texas. Expect to work weekends, always. You will get your weekends back when you get older like in your 60s or 70s. You have to be there long enough to get weekends off, and those who does are in that age group. The management doesn't give the Frontline Staff tools and resources to resolve problems on their own. It's almost like they do not trust the same employees they worked hard to hire.
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Good job but you’re going to earn those flying benefits

It’s a great job, could definitely turn into a career if those are your intentions, the people who you work with make the job a whole lot more tolerable for daily work. Like any job there are some people who do the bare minimum which makes it harder for everyone else due to this job being mostly teamwork based. Constantly short staffed with janky equipment that’ll make you work harder if you don’t mind working.
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fair treatment

good place to work good environment fair treatment, They are a great company that will work with you when needed and has great benefits that have allowed me to raise and grow myself and my family
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Nice place - comfortable and super nice people

The company really has its employees backs. Great camaraderie among employees. Pay is ehh and people are ehh in terms of intelligence. Feels like people have been there forever
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Great job but operations have been a mess

This is a great job, but lately (2019 until now) operations have been a mess and seem to be getting progressively worse. Trips are poorly constructed, layovers are short, and flight attendants have been treated like robots who don’t need work-life balance, care, or consideration. There seems to be a lot of deflecting and no accountability from senior management. We’re all exhausted and frustrated. This used to be a great company to work for. I hope it returns to the standard of care and respect it used to provide its staff.
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Can be ok for some

Typical call center environment, but you will definitely be micromanaged. They have an extremely strict cell phone policy so be ready for that! They will annoy you about it. Very long days & nearly impossible to get off when needed, even if you plan well. You’re expected to bid for new schedules four times a year, and what you get is what you get! There are lots of schedule options but most new hires will get Wednesday and Thursday off. Pay is very, very low for what they require of you as an employee. Most people left with the pandemic so the people training you will only have been there for a year and they don’t know much, not mention they are power hungry. Delta does not seem to truly want to help passengers at all, it appears they got to be this popular as an airline because they will do business with anyone (this is not good). Training is a 2 step process, the 2nd step being several months after you start (approx 6 months). Lots of overtime opportunities but even with overtime, pay is still low. Lots of employee appreciation luncheons and things of that nature. Also, no dress code really so you’ll see some of everything. This job is good for some, but not a place you want to stay for long.
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It's the lies for me

They lie right out the gate. Moving up within the company has little to nothing to do with education or anything else for that matter. It's all about who you know! They make it seem like you can move up with no hassle & it'll be easy. NOT! The OSM's never have your back & keep up drama just like anybody else. Everyone plays favorites. Lots of drama & partner swapping.
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Poor management

Delta as a whole is a wonderful place to work! They will have your back if you have theirs. However the management in Philadelphia is all about favoritism, harassment, and insensitive.
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Hard word but the best job I have had.

Delta by far is the fairest company I have worked for. It takes time to get seniority but the pay is fair. After 5 yrs very decent. And the benefits are all over the world. At Delta we are family of 80,000 strong and it shows in our culture.
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Good workplace

I enjoyed my time at Delta Airlines. This is a job where you will have to perform at a high level of expertise and stress. High volume of customers daily. Management was good and supportive. I learned a lot.
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It’s alright.

If you have priorities outside of work, don’t apply. There’s a shift bid and when you first start you’re at the bottom of the list. You can’t hardly call off if needed. Forget about your doctors appointments. Better have child care that never is sick because they don’t give you a pass. However the benefits were nice, it wasn’t enough to make me stay though.

Pro érvek

Free food sometimes, “flight benefits”, discounts and perks

Kontra érvek

Scheduling, managers, work-life balance
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Great company to work for

Great company to work for if you’re interested in part time hours. Great flight benefits, it just takes time to get an increase in pay. I would recommend
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Good benefits.

Work can be stressful. Long hours, demanding public.Traveling is wonderful.Benefits are outstanding. Schedule flexibility comes with time employed.There is no typical day at work. You must be prepared for anything - emergencies, re routes, cancellations, poor passenger conduct.The most enjoyable part are the places you go and the friends/colleagues that become part of your life.
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Great place to work

I love my job. It’s a great place to work and a great company to grow with. Management is overall great and very accommodating and supportive or your goals! It can be difficult due to shortages and staffing but overall great experience.
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