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viel Druck und eine schlechte Bezahlung

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es wird viel verlangt viel Kontrolle und viel Druck um Zahlen zu erreichen aber man bekommt keine gute Bezahlung dafür
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Horrible management

Worked here 5+years.New hires with no work experiences were hired making $5 more per hour.The culture is to say what you wanted and if you were wrong it could be fixed later.
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Great company if you work hard and work as part of the team

Flexible work scheduleAmazing teamworkGood opportunities for training & learning from othersAn environment where you feel like you contribute each dayNo typical 'token' raises - Rewards/bonuses are based of of performance
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Nice place to work in

Nice place to work some bad reviews in the past but they improved 👌 new game room new equipment new lunch room and remodel bathroom offers over time and paid time
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okay job. would recommend. pay is okay. hours okay, although they told me different training hours then production hours so not too sure about that yet.
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I was there for three years, and I got one Raise. Overall the job is a great place to work. Shift bid cones once a year could be better on the hours. Managers always there to help
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good money, long hours

didnt like it, too much. not organized. would not go back! the managers are rude also. no help, no nothing. not a good starting job only good for the pay
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Loving that WFH life

I work from home, and it frees me up to be more productive with both work and personal time. The call center environment can be stressful, so being away from that allows me to both feel and work well.
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Buen entorno laboral.

Buena empresa, muy humana. Hay cosas por atender pero nada que no permita un trabajar y tener estabilidad. Las prestaciones son buenas.
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Busy environment

I wouldn’t Recommend unless your actively looking for better employment. Cool smes but Some of the management is not very welcoming for it to be virtually. The hardest part is teaching yourself the ropes because that’s what exactly what your gonna have to do
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Problematic Management

Managers and Supervisors are really competetive that it is already toxic.... They make up stories about each other and report each other to the HR....
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Work was simple, just not very good work feel. I could say that pay was ok for the work. The script is simple to follow, sometimes you deal with emotional clients.
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People are great

People are great. But you find yourself not wanting to leave because of the bonds, but the company doesn’t really care about their employees.
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Good job if you need a job, but not a place to settle down

Conduent is good to build some experience and pay your bills. Department-level people you directly work with will be great, but HR is absolutely abysmal. Lost paperwork, transfers fumbled, PTO accrual messed up... not a company you can build a real career with. I would absolutely recommend Conduent short-term, but that's all.
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Poor workplace, look elsewhere

I worked here for several years.Any trainings you receive are woefully insufficient and extremely superficial. There is no concern whatsoever placed on preparedness.You do not know what shift you will be assigned beforehand, and so are unable to properly plan around it. Also if you work the last shift of the night, your work does not end when your shift does and you may be required to stay many additional hours.You're brought on for one job type, and are then required to handle multiple lines of business in addition to that, exponentially increasing your workload, but without any proportional increase in compensation.You have no autonomy at all. Your entire day is micromanaged down to the second. Take two minutes to complete something that they want done in a minute and a half, there is an automated system to mark that against you.And the work itself requires you to go through severe and constant verbal and emotional abuse, for which there is very poor support. Do not at all consider Conduent if you have any mental health concern such as PTSD.
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Niet aan beginnen.

Laag loon hoge werkdruk, zeggen dat ze niet zo snel pushen dat je moet leren maar ook dat is bullshit je moet aangeven pt als je naar de wc gaat, alleen maar boze klanten aan de telefoon als je belt voor hulp helpen ze je meestal ook nog niet eens echt meestal ook arrogante mensen aan de hulp telefoon.
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Eh it’s ok

Training was 5 weeks, once you get to production it’s very different. When it comes to getting help on calls it’s not always easy nobody really responds in the chats and sometimes the senior advisors are rude. Pay is okay but for what you’re doing it doesn’t equate.
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Not good

The pays is terrible for the work you have to do. Getting the incentive is very random . It depends of your luck., The training is good but the pay is not good for the work you have to do
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It’s was good mostly

I definitely loved my time at Conduent. In my personal opinion my job position was the most perfect position ever, and I was happy. Though, contracts can change like what happened with my position, and you’ll run out of options. I was given the choice to transfer or my last day be on a certain date. I tried to transfer but it took too much of a toll on my mental health to where I could not do the job anymore. I was lied to by trainers, I was belittled by consumers, insulted by consumers and flat out insulted by consumers.
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Stressful job

Some new Team leader is contribution for terrible environment, the job is very stressful to attended the goals, and low salary for a tiring routine, you feel like a number only.
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Fun workplace

Flexibility working hours, Great Manager who listens and understand your goal and support you. Downside is there no salary increase and other benefits and allowance.
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