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Good place to work

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It's a good place to work, due to many locations worldwide there is no real interaction with upper management due to size of the company and number of employees.

Pro érvek

health benefits

Kontra érvek

lack of communication
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Okay workplace

Very unorganized, unprofessional & they want you to work way more than what they will pay you. They change your schedule without your knowledge. They have you taking calls for multiple departments only to still pay you average
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Good company to work for.

I worked for Concentrix as a TurboTax chat support this year briefly. The management was pretty good, it was easy to communicate with my mangers. I absolutely loved that fact that we were able to take our schedule breaks when ever we wanted.
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Good starting company

When I first joined we were service source, now we are with Concentrix not much has changed. Good company, good office culture, all of the people I’ve interacted with are really lovely people, management is really nice very supportive. Lots of opportunities to grow, base salary is okay bonuses are nice especially in higher roles than entry level. WFH is possible, office trips are starting up again they are not mandatory - but they are fun.TLDR I would recommend working here, great place to work a first job. Lovely coworkers & management, fair pay/quarterly bonuses. Achievable targets.
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Bad precedent

They have workers who excel at what they do and who out perform everyone in their role yet they refuse to promote them because they would lose that persons stats in their current role. We are nothing but money makers for upper management to make their quarterly bonuses.
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Boring job

Very boring basic pay no overtime more of a part time job can’t move positions till after 6 months supervisors don’t know what there doing just there to make a check
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Management seems to have their own agenda to push to benefit themselves. Some are sabotaging towards people they don’t like. Training is great, but really depends on which department you get on with. Overall Meh.
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Productive workplace

It’s a pretty good place to work, they work with your school schedule. Sometimes work can get hectic especially with rude customers. Pay is kinda of low, but other than that go for it
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Nothing against the company itself, they care of the employees. I just didn't like how demanding the account I was under after a few years.

The account I was under became wanted too much from us CSRs and gave so much less as compensation that what we signed up for. The company itself is great though
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fun workplace

productive, energetic, fun, cheerful, work life balance, stressful, teamwork, since i joined the company i feel it wonderful and lot of memories. thank you
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Como é empresa terceirizada, eles se rendem demais ao Produto.

Trabalhar lá é legal mas o funcionário precisa ter uma total flexibilidade para se adequar e continuar trabalhando

Pro érvek

Tem alguns aspectos que no momento não lembro

Kontra érvek

benefícios são escassos/ não tem oportunidade de crescimento na empresa.
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Great place to work Easy to get hired They have job fairs they work with student schedules they have adequate lunchtime and nice break rooms awesomeness

Pro érvek

Great place to work
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Fun place

Good organization but for fresher. Some process are not good in terms of learning an developing. Management is sucks. However, as fresher to start coprate world is fine
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Management sucks!!

Working here is like a roller coaster. It was good for beginners however the management sucks! You must be VERY flexible. Salary? LOW! They tolerate bad habits of the cheating agent. In order to be promoted you must CHEAT your metrics!!

Pro érvek

Good office

Kontra érvek

Management sucks
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Good opportunity

Work was pretty easy for the most part. Great help from your peers in the group chat. Call flow was pretty smooth for the most part. Most call average 5-7 minute. Other than that the pay wasn’t as much as it should be but it was a nice work from home job.
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You are worth more

Don't bother applying. You will do better elsewhere. The longer you stay in this company, the more workload you will have to deal with as staff does not stay more than 6 months.
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Very productive

I very pleased to work for Concentrix they are the best company I have been working with in the UK .No pressure, stress free and very good communication
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Not a fun only stress and taking work from employee 😡😡😡🤬

Company should not hire a Employee on Contract basis and without pay extra money company direct fire the Employee that'why Company policy is the very worst and I never ever want to join that type of Company and Organisations....I want to give rating this company minus zero.😡😡🤬
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Great place to build people skills.

Lots of opportunity to advance your career. Management is hired from within. Competitive pay makes it a desirable destination. No experience needed, you're trained adequately before facing a Customer.
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Bad place

Managers don't care about you and won't train you. You're on your own. However, somehow it's your fault if something goes wrong, even though they won't train you to make things go right
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Good company

I loved working here just the hours didn’t work for me because i have kids And it was night shift. So i left because i could not do the hours properly. But i loved the people i worked with and the job all around.
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