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Good place to work

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It's a good place to work, due to many locations worldwide there is no real interaction with upper management due to size of the company and number of employees.

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health benefits

Kontra érvek

lack of communication
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Just terrible all around

Outdated software, micromanagement, horrible management, no decent benefits, your breaks are timed by the second and low pay. Not worth your time at all.
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Great company

Great support, transparent communication from senior leadership and room to grow. There’s a lot of support and helpful people. Benefits are good but expensive (healthcare)
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Below Average

Very bad pay for loads of work! It's a starting point for immigrants just arriving in the country. Dead end job but it's not the company's fault. It is what it is.
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Good work environment

It’s a good training ground and surrounded with supportive people. It’s a nice place to work specially for newbie. The ambiance and the people you work with are awesome!
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No growth in career

It would be a great place to work if at all there are chances of growth in our career. No growth in career. No feasible salary hikes at all. It gives little less chances for anyone to showcase their interest towards them. It's like having a plant that doesn't grow.
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What is the best part of working at the company?During the pandemic took what I could What is the most stressful part about working at the company?None stop calls I prefer a breatherWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Good Shift work that wasn't able to didn't love itWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Non stop calls every 30 seconds
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A good way to earn and just a stepping stone to better job

What is the best part of working at the company?Training is very thorough. Alive and teaches you a lot.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Coaches with no people management skillsWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Working from Home, excellent services. All equipment delivered on timeWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Regular calls of average of 40 a day
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Opportunities offered

I wont sit here & bash a company that actually gave me an opportunity when I needed it most. Yeah, it isnt the best job in the entire universe, but they will give you a shot & job security when you're seeking it most. I was able to get my health insurance license through the company & continue my career growth elsewhere. I will always recommend giving Concentrix a chance if you are seeking a stable job to help get your work experience up. The only word I will add to my review is, try to apply for their remote positions instead of their workplace ones because their tends to be ALOT of favoritism when it comes to growth at the Concentrix facility in comparison to their remote work. In all honesty their remote environment is amazing in comparison to the on-site experience. Just my 2 cents & im sure many would agree.
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Awesome leaders and colleagues!

The people here in the telco account I was in are very helpful and help you learn a lot. The leadership in that account is also very considerate and kind. Only issue I have is some OTs are too much sometimes to get to the sales target. That's pretty much it.
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Wouldn't wish a job here on my worst enemy - underpaid, over stressed and under constant pressure. Your manager won't have time for you ad they're too busy being pulled into constant teams meetings and then trying to get their own work done. My manager went off sick after working 6am to 5pm every day trying to look after our team and he was one of the few good ones.
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O lamesbolas o te cargan la mano

Literalmente para ascender le tenías que bailarle al jefe pero si lo reportas con recursos humanos solo le avisan el jefe para que te haga la vida imposible, me pusieron un acta administrativa (lo que significa no poder ascender de puesto) por reportar esos problemas y se me excluía de mi hora de comer y baño.Además se me amenazaba con correrme si no iba a trabajar en días festivos.Pareceran amables al principio pero solo son manipuladores.Tuve como 7 jefes y todos eran igual.

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Abusadores con poder
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Work from home allowances never provided for almost 6 months working at home

Work from home allowances never provided for almost 6 months working at home. The lack of support when there is low in queue is less. Pressuring the agent is real
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Fun if you were successful

The lead distribution seemed unfair. Certain sales reps would get sale after sale daily and were praised. Meanwhile other reps would get little to no opportunities and were shunned.
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Fun place to work very friendly workmates

The workplace culture is friendly and inclusive, I have no regrets about applying for the job,swift interview, you just need to prepare yourself for a day interview before getting hired.

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hybrid setup

Kontra érvek

takes 1 hour 30 minutes to be onsite
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Good training, lack of communication

Fully remote position, including paid training. Bad communication starting with the recruiter. No flexibility of breaks to accommodate work/life balance.
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Great place

Love it here. Everyone was nice and welcoming . Great work culture. Stay focused on work and you are in and out. They always gave snacks. Bosses always looked out for you.
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Worst experience of my life.

What is the best part of working at the company?The Nova Scotia location is the worst I have ever worked for. Incompetent managers, insufficient training etc. Yet they wonder why they lost their gold standard status. We are people and not just numbers on a spreadsheet. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?You get screamed at all day long. No support from management, and insufficient training that is rushed through to get you on the phones as fast as they can. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?It is the worst site I have ever worked for. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Get screamed at all day long on the phone. Get chastised by management for poor survey results because we can’t just poof get you back into your devices. The job will drive you to have a mild drinking problem.
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Good place to work in

Very good company to work in I was working from home in Adobe products for 40 hours a week Monday to Friday 8am to 5 pm I didn't regret it at all the managers are just perfect the teamwork is one from the best so far.
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Toxic Work Culture & Disrespect Was Constantly Allowed

I have never in my life witnessed such an extreme level of disrespect and unprofessionalism such as this company. I did not have a favorable or enjoyable experience as team leads were constantly and willingly disrespectful towards me without remorse. If you are a minority, be wary of applying for this company. Disrespect is heavily tolerated. Even when other managers know it is wrong they will not and have not addressed it but instead laugh, joke and change the topic. Instead of addressing my concern they have each others backs and protected each other. I have self respect therefore when I stood up to what was wrong I was made to look like the person in the wrong. Beware, this job proclaims they are inclusive to all people but I have witnessed otherwise. Training was a nightmare. -1000 completely biased. If you are a minority I would be cautious of applying here. The overall work culture was extremely toxic as I felt that all people especially races was not really appreciated or welcome. Concentrix definitely is NOT what I expected at ALL. No accountability for toxic disrespectful managers and coworkers. Please be aware that Concentrix has not lived up to my expectations.

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Biases, disrespect from peers and management was tolerated and allowed, no accountability from management, disrespect is heavily allowed in this company
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Mucho estres

Exceso de trabajo bajo presion para la paga que te dan, aunque los horarios no son tan excesivos como en otras call centers, se puede sobrevivir de buena manera
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