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Be ready to work REALLY hard

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The 135 daily rate is not worth it when they have you working over 10 to 12 hour days. The overtime pay is NOT worth it and they DO NOT do time and a half. It takes a long time for you to get a set route and once you get it you better hope your sales rep isn’t order happy because your deliveries can easily be 7 to 8 pallets with no help back to back. The no pallet rule at large stores makes this job a pain in the butt and the receivers can make it worse. The trucks NEVER come on time and that can be a deal breaker when you’re trying to work ahead and get off early.

Pro érvek

Medical, dental benefits, 401k

Kontra érvek

Long days, draining work, 7 to 8 pallets deliveries with no help
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Management is supposed to lead by example. Not sit at a desk all day knowing they can’t do the job themselves. If you become a merchandiser at this company be prepared to have no home time with your family and work six days a week of solid heavy labor. Anything goes wrong it’s your fault. They believe the Kroger managers over their own employees. During Covid we took the biggest risks and got paid the least out of the whole company and the union didn’t care either.
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Fast paced, physically demanding and long hours but good pay

I enjoy working here. The rigorous hard work and long hours will beat you down but overall a good company to work for. More positives than negatives..
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Co workers slack off and dont complete task so tou get called to go do their work for them.

Work-life balanceWork-life balance at Coca-Cola Consolidated is fair as long as you do the work fastPay & benefitsMy pay and benefits at Coca-Cola Consolidated could be better. Daily rate with no over time pay.Job security and advancementIn terms of job security at Coca-Cola Consolidated, I think fine as long as you do the work.ManagementIn general, managers at Coca-Cola Consolidated some are lazy some aren't.CultureCollaboration with my colleagues at Coca-Cola Consolidated is they could be more organizedOverallMy experience working at Coca-Cola Consolidated met so good people and made some friends. Others can be lazy and depend on you to fix their mistakes which drive out the good people.
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Not the best place to work moneywise but management is super friendly

I got my CDL through Coca-Cola, not a bad place to work if you’re OK with the money. Good benefits, medical, dental, vision, 401(k) matched at 3%, stock purchase program, two weeks vacation your first year, and discounts on products. Equipment is old and rundown for the most part but I think they’re trying to slowly improve that. Management is friendly and chill as long as you do your job. The money wasn’t that great but the job also wasn’t that hard either.
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Not a bad job but not for everyone

They will tell you that you’ll get route pay and commission and only work 4 days but they don’t tell you that you’ll be here for a year or longer before you get that
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Quality department is overworked and undersupported

I like this job because I get to solve new and complex problems every day, combining both technical and people skills. But ultimately, I don't feel respected by the company. The lack of support for supervisors means that it's easy for people to get away with doing the bare minimum. Good workers end up leaving before they can make an impact because their hard work isn't appreciated.
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Slow and the won't stop hiring

Not enough hours and they continuously are hiring if the managers like you then your good if they don't you might as well quit because you won't make any money micromanaging is everywhere
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Over worked,and under paid. A for profit company!

Let me sum it up for you. If you like working 13-17 hours a day,with below average pay then this is the job for you. This company can not keep drivers because we are over worked and under paid. Don’t even get me started on the warehouse crew. Some morning I would come in and my truck wouldn’t even be loaded. Missing product,missing pallets,poorly wrapped pallets which causes them to tip over while you’re driving.Then spend 2 hours picking soda bottles off the trailer floor then rebuilding the pallet yourself. The only good thing I got out of this company was my CDL’s. I’m now making triple what I made with Coke with less stress and I’m not killing myself. Applicant’s proceed with caution!
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Great place to work.

Hard work and sometimes long hours during peak times .Great trainers and co-workers. Family oriented and many benefits. Room to grow your career. Come join our team.
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Good job, hard work

Good job, hard work! Everything is pretty much good with the company except getting checked in at certain stores and a few lazy drivers you have to clean up behind, oh and stocking the stores is a different beast but it's doable.

Pro érvek

Great benefits right after starting the job health, dental and two weeks vacation. Also 4 day work week with rotating days, every 6weeks you get 5days in a row off and never lose money.

Kontra érvek

Working with crazy people that you have to deal with in the stores, a few lazy drivers who leave a mess for the next man to clean up, stocking stores drinks can sometimes be draining
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Good Company

Worked for them in Panama City Beach and loved it, HANDS DOWN the best location EVER !!!(TRUST ME) Also worked in the Tampa District and they cool I guess. I Always got paid on time and everyone I've ever talked to for coca cola seemed very nice.

Pro érvek

Always got paid on time, Free drinks

Kontra érvek

managers ok
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Not the worst job but could use some improvements

Company is stable and will be around for a long time. They rely heavily on the Coke reputation to recruit but they don't work to improve on the current state of the company.
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No thanks

I would not recommend, they have high pay to off set bad management and disrespectful managers. Pay not everything. They also have lots of Accidents in the warehouse that injured employees.
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Not a bad job

It’s okay will be on your feet. Working at your own pace. Will be lifting and traveling store to store. Management is coolJust wish we had like 3 days off
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Toxic workplace

Was a lot to deal with. Everyday you came into work there was something you always had to deal with in terms of coworkers. Forced hours without a notice you are told midday. Management were rude and not genuine.
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“Sales” Forward

The customer care center puts a big big stress on your numbers, even though it is not commissioned based sales. I understand needed metrics on handle time, etc. but sales were a top priority, and it’s not as simple as they make it seem. Especially during the pandemic, trying to push drink sales when many of the businesses were facing times of uncertainty due to closures.

Pro érvek

For a non-commissioned salary, they do offer decent hourly rate.

Kontra érvek

Having to create, and present a powerpoint presentation when you interview for a higher position within the center.
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Great people very flexible I love it

It's a good job could get overwhelming at times especially in holidays but it's really not that bad. Job is really easy to do just stock aisles and displays rotate some sodas around run backstock and cooler and done
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Save yourself from the headache. Unless you love working long hours. Not being organized. And you have no life. The pay isn’t worth the headache. Just don’t.
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Management is great, vehicles are junk and pay is not worth the amount of work they put on you

Very long hours and they just throw you to the wolves from day one. Pay is really based off commission and commission per case is terrible. Get ready to work long hours and deal with rude customers for terrible pay!
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Loved everyday. Everyone was so nice that it was a pleasure meeting you. Can’t thank you enough for the time we had together. Man what else can I say.
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