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Don't work on grill

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In your interview they will likely ask if you want to work on grill for an extra dollar an hour. It is not worth it and grill is definitely the hardest position to keep up with other than kitchen manager and not to mention you get grill dust all over yourself.
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friendly coworkers and fast paced work environment

I gained a lot of experience while working at Chipotle such as customer service, working as a team, and working under pressure. I worked at a very busy location and some days would be more stressful than others and had a handful of bad experiences with rude customers but the friendly coworkers and nice customers made it all worth it.

Pro érvek

free employee meals during each shift, 50% off discount, very flexible schedules, paid time off and sick leave

Kontra érvek

short breaks
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Dope place to work when in school. Can be fun if you get along with co workers.Don’t work the line. Worst spot. Do grill, or Prep, back of the house. Anything over line tbh
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Just get your money

Chipotle lied to me about the amount I will make, management expects you to be above and beyond only when a big boss is in, some polices make absolutely no sense which creates issues

Pro érvek

Free food

Kontra érvek

Pay and leaders
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Ok Job

Shifts can be hit or miss. A lot of the time we are understaffed and under high amounts of stress. Digital make line is very unorganized during peak hours.
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Chipotle is rewarded for keeping a skeleton crew

Chipotle is a decent job with a terrible management structure. The general manager at my Chipotle changed once while I was there, and the second one was much better, but the structure is still in place that lines the pocket of the GM while keeping everyone else down. GMs at Chipotle get a larger bonus if they keep the hours as low as possible, meaning cutting shifts, keeping a skeleton crew, and broken promises. The only way to get consistent full time is if you're a manager, and even then you may end up with 32-34 hours. Kitchen Managers and Service Managers don't get paid nearly enough for the stuff they go through.Lunch breaks here used to be paid, but now you have to clock out. Just one of the many little things they've taken away to cut corners.

Pro érvek

Decent pay, free lunch on shift, 50% off outside of work

Kontra érvek

Low service manager/kitchen manager pay, poor management structure, hard to get full time
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This job was alright. Management was questionable but free food was nice and it wasn’t too hard. Didn’t feel any connection/comradery with team members but maybe that was just me
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Pretty good place to work

It’s a pretty good place to work. The instructions given by the company are good but management was not so great. I was not super impressed by the way that our management operated, but overall I enjoyed the company
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Challenging and fast paced

The culture of teamwork is great. Lots of opportunities to develop your skills and develop future leaders. Food safety is always top priority at chipotle.
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1 star

What is the best part of working at the company?Health benefits.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Employees call out a lot, even 2 or 3 crews a day. There's never time to catch up with prep.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Not family oriented, it's terrible work environment.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Horrible, super stressful.
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Decent but not a career

good side job for a high school or college individual but not a career. Management in various of stores are all over the place. District management doesnt care about workers.
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toxic and cliquey work culture. decent pay for what it is though, but even the interview was rough. It was close to home so that was convenient for me and basically my first job.
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Decent place to work

Not the best place I’ve worked not the worst either. Management the whole way up are idiots. Don’t plan to get promoted unless you want to be best friends with someone above you.
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Good first job

Right out of school good opportunity, good benefits, not the worst type of fast food. Very boring if your in th back all day, don’t become the designated dishwasher.
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Bad management

my hours were cut and management is VERY toxic. other than that, it was a good job. not super good pay. the environment wasn’t worth it. it did get crowded, which could be stressful.
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Pretty good

Great crew to work with and the work isn't that stressful. Management does their best to accommodate everyone and are generally friendly and professional.
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Short Staffed and Fast Paced

This place would've been a fun job however it is very short staffed most of the time which is a problem because it's very fast paced. It's a shame because working there could've been fun.
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It was hard work and minimum wage but good benefits and not the worst job, the managers are more strict than other places there depending on who you have
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Great job if you have a great GM

It's entry level fast food. There are minimal breaks, you are generally treated like a teenager until you prove that you work like an adult, the work is unending. Either cooking or serving or cleaning is constant. Store management can be great or terrible. Middle management are just corporate shills that just want high sales, low labor and zero waste. Customers can be terrible.Benefits are decent, health insurance is ok if you're young and generally healthy. 401k is a little low on matching %. Educational benefits are worthwhile, if you can handle the work.Advancement is very possible, but will depend on your Management team, both store and supervisory.
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great place

Not scheduled very much unless requested directly to manger. Many customers have horribly attitude but overall the work itself is very simple and the benefits are great especially for a student.
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Unprofessional environment with no leadership

This company lacks leadership and has no senior employees anymore. All current employees and management were hired from outside and have no leadership skills or direction. There is no training here, you’re just thrown to the wolves. I thought this would be a great place to work but no one in a management position even tries to lead the team or point them in the right direction of things. Management is always late, supplies is never ordered on time and they are constantly making health violations.
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