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  • Its a lovely place that i wish to work out

    I want to work at chickfila because of how nice of an eatablishment and how kind the customers are treated it makes me feel cared about and honorednas a customer.
    Cashier (Jelenlegi alkalmazott)
    Mauldin, SC - 2019, március 22.
  • Fast paced, stressful, but very good for equipping you with manners, a good smile, and efficient/effective service

    Cash handling Drink preparation Fast paced service Drive-thru Bagging orders Janitorial duties Running food The hardest part of my job was dealing with guests who were either not in a good mode or had a large family to order for; or wo...
    Cashier (Volt alkalmazott)
    294 Harbison Blvd, Columbia, SC 29212 - 2019, március 22.
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