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It’s fast food... But it’s the BEST fast food place to work at.

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If you are going to get a job at any fast food restaurant, make it Chick-fil-a. They are the undisputed king of fast food, from an employment point of view. They care. They have integrity and principles. They are all about excellence. But at the end of the day, it’s fast food. Be prepared for long hours standing in one place taking orders until your heels hurt, being yelled at through the drive-thru speaker until your ears hurt, and stocking the same things over and over again until your soul hurts. That’s just fast food. Americans are really rude to fast food workers. It’s sad.But if you’re prepared to work in this industry, then make it Chick-Fil-A. They’ll treat you better than any other fast food place, guaranteed.

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A company with integrity and principles.

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I now have heel problems.
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Harsh times with an even harsher job

A typical day at work would be days working outside with temperatures reaching 98F and above with barely any accommodations. With the amount of pay this was also not worth it. I got paid 8USD an hour. Proper work culture was only kept up by older people, but even then asking for days-off or an emergency day-off would be taxing to achieve/confirm.
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its good

Chick fil a is agreat first job. I made many good friends of mine just working there. i loved being around my team so much i Came in on my days off. it looks good on a resume and managers are great for most part.
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Managers were so rude and not help

I hated it everyone definitely talks about the new worker and not in a nice way also the managers pick favorites. Not to mention if you’re Hispanic it’s like you’re there to clean while everyone else actually does something

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Learn to communicate

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Short breaks. Owner. Staff.
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Lots of young people with energy and enthusiasm. Plenty of team work. This CFA doesn’t really uphold the corporate CFA values

The 4 core values of smiling, eye contact, saying How may I serve you?, My pleasure, not much emphasized. Speed of service and profits are the priorities. New hires have two weeks to prove if they are up to the job. New hires are trained minimally to perform one or maybe two roles, like drive through Ipad order taker, front counter order taker, drinks, etc. Not a lot of cross training
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Productive and fun

Fun place and fun people. I’ve been working here for 6 years and I love the relationship I’ve built with everyone. It gets stressful at times but workers make it fun. Pay could a little bit more though
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Yuck! Never working there again!!!

Wow! I can’t believe the way they treat me and the other employees!! Like poo!! Then the employees get mad and take it out on the customers, having attitudes and that’s really affecting the way I work!!
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worst job i ever had

Worst job ever, will have you outside in snow & rain and also below 40 degree weather taking order on an iPad.You aren't allowed to come in if you have a any covid related symptoms, but also if you don't get a doctors note it'll go on your records. The coworkers are lazy.
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Terrible workers and little pay

Pay is not good and workers are terrible. coworkers are rude, managers choose favorites. if you aren't one of the favorites you will be stuck cleaning tables and bathrooms with no breaks
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Flexible schedule

Even tho they work around your availability, management is bad. There’s always envy from managers and won’t let you move up. Very fast paced and I loved that, but it’s hard to work with people that makes your life miserable
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Don’t bother

Bruh it sucks. Work somewhere that’s worth the pay. If your over 18 and can do better don’t even bother. They’re always understaffed as well so you have to do 2 peoples’ jobs at once your whole shift.
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I loved working at my location.

The managers truly care about you, they are flexible with school and work. Being a college student flexibility was so important to me. Pay was great and they give you clear opportunities to move up in the company and increase your wage. I couldn’t recommend this job more to someone who is looking for a new job or a first job!

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free lunch, great management, flexibility, care, job growth
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Productive and fun workplace

The job is easy and pretty straight forward. Hours are flexible while management tends to work with your availability. If anything the customers will get on your nerves the most.
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good for growth but hard

every position job, if you’re not ready to wash dishes do register do deliveries clean the store clean the toilet and pick up after customers, this isn’t the job for you. sometimes it’s exhausting but a great place to learn new skills and a good first job. met lots of amazing people.
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Organized and well run

Working for Chick-fil-A teaches you a lot of customer service skills and shows how you can serve efficiently through the busyness. Only thing is that the pay for teens is low for the amount of work they do. Other than that it’s a blessed business.
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It was okay

I was paid fairly, but I did not have any greater sense of fulfillment. The managers don't look out for you and they seemed extremely unorganized. I disliked the management style of a few of them- "do as I say not as I do" types. A few of them were nice.

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It was 'meh'

It was my first job so I didn't expect much. Was there for a year, started at $7.25 and ended at $8.50. Management at my specific establishment really turned me off from it. Co-workers were generally good.
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Good Intentioned Management, but Extremely Overworked/Underpaid

Under scheduled so the work load is way too high, negative work environment most days. Management does try to encourage the team and they do work along side us, but it was not worth minimum wage working outside in the heat/cold for 8 hours straight.
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Easy, quick job, not great pay, family-oriented

You can work around great people, pay is okay they won't pay you what you're truly worth, work is rough due to pandemic short staffed, food is good, no free food off the clock which sucks or discount, tiring job good for beginners.
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Not bad

Honestly nothing to be happy about pretty decent place to work can get bust sometimes and does get overwhelming especially as a first job so keep that in mind
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Okay place to work

A somewhat stressful place to work, depending on the time of day, but not the worst. You'd get a free meal for every shift you worked, which was the main highlight of working here. Taking orders outside is okay depending on the weather, but they'd sometimes ask you to go back out 30 minutes after you came in because some team members were less willing to work outside to swap with you, so it was not great especially in the winter. Pay could've been much higher, considering everything we had to do. Pretty flexible scheduling, as long as you ask off in advance.

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Free meal every shift, flexible scheduling

Kontra érvek

Low pay for the work; taking orders outside isn't ideal in certain weather
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