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Bad management

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Some employees that work at the front get better treatment than the ones inside the kitchen. Specially if all workers inside the kitchen are Hispanic.
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It’s a good starter job for any high schooler or college student

Over all, as a privately owned chain, the pay is inconsistent. Favoritism is big at most locations. They reduce your pay when you change your availability. Managers don’t treat their staff fairly.

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Free lunch
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Great starting job to build work experience. Got to learn to work as part of the chick fil a team and gain customer service experience. Job was flexible and able to rely on management.
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Job is hard and physical( back of house), most importantly co workers are great but managers are hit or miss. Excellent pay

The job is okay, hard but great Pau. Management hit or miss. Have met great people there. Great for students because of annual scholarships. Job consumes your time and life though.
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Great Experience

I really enjoyed working here. It was a great experience. I enjoyed working with a team of individuals who cared about service. Leadership team was also good.
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Good job

I think this is a good job especially if your in school. The employees are nice and the management do there best to make you feel at home. It can be a little fast paced especially during dinner time but overall a good job.
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Great Place to work

Incredible management and team. Very understanding about coming into work, especially while balancing classes. Definitely recommend to anyone needing a part time job.
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Productive and fun place to work

Great place to work everyone was a team player and it was great but my issue was the pay and not being able to take breaks but management was overall ok

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Fun and fasted past work.

Great employees. Great that they give you a free break.You get free food. The hours aren't that good though especially if you have kids. They should not hire a ton of people and just give a handful of employees more hours.
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Productive and fun place with ping pong table

This place is the best. You get a free sandwich all the time. Many customers and you can move up easy. Lots of money. You all should work here all the time.

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free food

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The owner and operator would work alongside you and really cared.

I loved working there. Everyone worked as a team. You have to understand each one is privately owned works within the company policy. The one in Georgetown really cares about its employees and the community as a whole.

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Free lunches
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Fun workplace

Great I love this place! They workers are great! Managers are awesome if you’re thinking about getting a job here definitely do it! You won’t regret it
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Depending on the Franchisee

The biggest factor on how the local Chick-fil-a is based on how good the franchise owner or the management is. The biggest positive improvements/ changes have occurred when the franchisee owner changed. So its really best to observe and ask the employees that work there whether or not it is a good location to work at

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Culture and colseness with other employees

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30 min break sometimes even shorter( although this was up to the individual )
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Best stepping stone out there!

One of the best places I've ever worked. Back of the house rocks. Great team of people. Inspiring influential and fun environment. Plus the food is great! Overall a 8/10.

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Networking and friends

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Young employees sometimes lack motivation to be successful.
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I honestly think chik fi la is just super hard to get past training, especially if your area has alot of rushes you will have to train in a rush which is super hard.

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free lunches

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Horrible job for young adults

Maybe it was just my store but if you go into this job as a teen/young adult, you will be at the bottom. You get overworked and at times made to do other people's jobs. They'll make you stay for overtime, and they have a ridiculous time system for food it's extremely fast paced and tiring.

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Lunch can't be more than 10$ and you cant be seen eating other restaurants food.

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Hard to take breaks, no slowing down, hot and sweaty kitchen.
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very good job, makes people feel happy

workplace itself is very welcoming, hardest part is customers taking "the customer is always right" a little too serious lol. management is great tho.
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It's a fast food job...

It's a fast food job so right off the bat, you know it won't be anything great. Long hours with no break. The people I worked with were great and I made some amazing connections but it completely crushed my spirit.

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Break meal allowance

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Children working 50+ hours, no breaks ever because it's constantly busy
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Loved it all

Happy with it all ! Fast environment. Little to no errors allowed. Loving coworkers and management worked with you. Off major holidays was always a plus for us !
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It was not too bad

The work was whatever, the usual fast food vibes. Its good for students who need a quick buck while in school but definitely not a career. The hours were alright.
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Good job if u want to slave

If you want to over work yourself trying to keep up with constant orders, being in a kitchen all day except for your 30 min break, then this job is for you. The fry section is the worst but the easiest, all you do is make fries constantly until you’re lucky enough to get switched to something else. So you’re in this tiny section and you’ll have a few fryers to cook the fries, mind you chic fila is busy almost 24/7 and people order fries with every meal so you’re going to be dropping fries and salting them non stop. I would go in more detail but let’s just say it’s just awful. If you don’t speak up they’ll keep new guys on this all day long and you’ll go home miserable. The other stations are terrible too but you get the point

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Free lunch which you’ll probably get tired of in a week

Kontra érvek

1 30 min break after that no breaks, not a place you’ll enjoy coming to work at
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