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Chick-fil-A cég munkavállalói értékelései a Cashier állásra itt: Sparks, NV

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Cashier1 értékelés
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Sparks, NV1 értékelés
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I did enjoy my time at Chick-fil-A it was a great place for me because I was also doing lots of research during my final semester. I greatly enjoyed how easy it was to work with the management on my complex schedule. However, when younger workers are there expect cliques and in my area the clique was three of the leads and a lead's future sister-in-law. They would actively gossip about people that could over hear them, and the team lead actively talked smack about people in the lead group chat. She's also been acting WAY out of what a lead should be doing without being reprimanded all the manager would say "We'll talk to her it will be a great learning experience for her." Nothing ever changed and that restaurant is going to pay for it soon. Customers are starting not to come when the three leads in the clique are working and the actively tell the manager. Also, very qualified people get overlooked constantly because the other leads do not like them. Instead one of the leads' best friends that is just barely graduating high school will get the promotion instead.
Pro érvek
Free lunches, competitive pay, flexible schedule
Kontra érvek
they work you to the bone, if the lead doesn't like you you'll know it, no growth potential.
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