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3,7Munka és magánélet egyensúlya


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Fun but annoying

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Working at Chick-fil-a was a fun place to work , but the managers were not the best. I would come in be handed keys and a card which are what the managers use and the managers would go play on their phones in the back, until something is either not working or they actually wanted to do their job. Which was very annoying when one day i had to take the orders on the front bag the orders after I took them then I also had to run them out to the tables.

Pro érvek

7.50 free mean on break.

Kontra érvek

Short breaks, Not scheduled very often.
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Good place for a first job!

Great place for a first job. Definitely teaches a lot of discipline early on that you can cary with you to other places. I had a an overall great experience working there.
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Pretty okay

Worked here in highschool, it was okay, but not perfect. I got a lot more comfortable talking to people, so thats nice. Otherwise, the compensation wasn't really worth it.
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Great place

Great place to work! Great people and great pay. Lots of room to grow professionally and personally! Would recommmend to any student looking for a job
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Fun workplace, fun people, just bad pay

I only got paid 7.25 the whole time I was working there, and I did more than just work at the register. You have to be very versatile to work at this job.
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Lack of communication and the pay well

Not well with Communication and they pick and choose the management was rude didn’t care about employees only a few they work to death I would think twice.
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Productive and Fun

Customer service, expedite food, prep food in the mornings and afternoon, prep for next business dayPeer focused to complete the day efficiently love my job

Pro érvek

free lunch

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Great work environment , everyone respects one an other and all the managers are extremely helpful during any shift. You will learn a lot about yourself.
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Awesome Pay

Great pace to work for starting out. The management dots a great job at keeping all the employees happy. The pay is great. Hours are based on performance.
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Exciting to work with all the new people

It’s exciting to work with all the new people but the management really does not care that much for it’s workers. There are promised bonuses that never reach the hands of the workers and trips we “win” are all paid by the winners not the management. There are fun competitions but the gifts are granola bars and pens. We are expected to work OUTSIDE of our given hours if given homework of any sort. They are also very stingy with hours. It’s only fun working there until you hear all the drama and problems that have been left unsolved by management. That knowledge makes you want to leave.
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Fun workplace

Great first-time job especially while taking classes. Besides effective training and a supportive team, they provide quick opportunity for growth upon performance. Free meals and other meal perks for friends and family.

Pro érvek

Great work environment

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Fun place to work & unique experiences

This is not somewhere for those who cannot work under stress. CFA is always busy. It's a great environment sometimes, but be cautious as not everyone is accepting about who works there. Had a few people quit because they didn't want to work with people different from them, whether that be their race, or something else that is no harm to them.

Pro érvek

Free break food

Kontra érvek

no full time benefits; no discounts
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Fun work place

Love working here. Everything is great. I look down to my shift. I know that I will be supportive. No one is disrespectful. I am so thankful for this opportunity. I can’t say enough good things.
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Toxic work place

They didn’t pay well at the time at all I was over worked an under paid they didn’t care that I had to take the bus to get there an I was late they would call on my day off an make me feel like it was mandatory to come in
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Not the finest place for long-term employment. There are few chances for improvement. There are no perks, paid time off, sick days, or anything similar. No one can guarantee time off. Not the finest, very snobby management. Teenagers or students would do well working for this company; adults with real-world responsibilities or those hoping to advance within the organization would not.
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It's great

Chick-fil-A is a great company to work for. Especially the ones in Newnan, Georgia. The food is great and so are the people. You will love working there.
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Do not recommend

Working there as a senior in highschool was good for the time. The hours weren’t too bad, but some of the staff was rude. The customers also took advantage of the niceness of the place.
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Fast pased and fun workplace

So working at Chick-fil-A was extremely stressful for me since I was only 14 but working there was pretty fun. I'd say the Christmas party was a bit unfair but overall it was a good first work experience
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Great place to work at, get to make great connections and learn along the way. Flexible schedule and sundays off. Good atmosphere in workplace very fun
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Fun Work

Over all it is a good place to start off , i really didn't have any issues working here, management is really friendly as well. Owner really nice too. i would recommended.
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Needs Improvement

The job is simple enough however if you don’t like an imbalance of power, look elsewhere. Management fails to create an work environment where everyone is treated equal
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