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Milwaukee, WI10 értékelés

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3,7Munka és magánélet egyensúlya


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50 piece nuggets, large drink half sprite half lemonade. Fifty. the nuggets are good the work is lame. too much grease but if you like chicken go for it.
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New owner is not good.

Newer directors dont know what they’re doing. They dont know how to treat their employees. Now that they’re loosing everyone is when they start caring

Pro érvek

Flexible hours

Kontra érvek

No benefits, no management support, especially daytime, pay isn’t fair for everything they make you do, directors dont really understand how stuff work in BOH, They expect way too much out of workers even tho they dont treat them well
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It wasn’t a bad experience just low pay and not my type of of job

It was not a bad job, but it was a lot to do. When it became slow it was super boring and the best thing to do was busy work. Pay was super low pretty much minimum wage of $7.50 and I felt I had one of the hard jobs of dining room host. My hours started off at 13 down to 10 then down to only 5 a week even though I worked hard
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Bad leadership

I worked as a manager at CFA and sill say that the director level leadership is awful They are all very rude and expect you to do their jobs for them. You will be overworked and underpaid. You will be responsible for things out of your control. You’ll feel very overwhelmed and sad sometimes because it seems like you’re bad at your job but you aren’t.
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Friendly environment

Excellent food and good place to get into hospitality sort of.You make friends and meet all kinds of perks like meeting the bucks players,going on trips having company picnics

Pro érvek

Free lunch great pay

Kontra érvek

Some days lunchtime was rough
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Nice environment with Sundays off.

A typical day at work would be pretty busy in the mornings and usually slow in the afternoon and busy again at night. Drawers must counted down after your shift. Keeping everything stocked is helpful during rush hour. The management was normal, no one abused their power. The hardest part was rush hour and making sure that customers were getting their food in time. The most enjoyable part was the breaks and the co-workers.

Pro érvek

Discounted meals.

Kontra érvek

Using the discount only once.
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Fun workplace

I would definitely recommend working for this company . Very fun , productive, friendly and family oriented. Pays great and you work hard for your money.
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Very unorganized workplace and unfair team leaders

In my time at Chic-Fil-A, I didn't learn much. Although, I feel my work speed and patience increased greatly. The training was very easy but I was not able to be cross-trained due to the managers disliking my hair style and color.
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Great palce to work

I enjoyed working for this company. However, not having proper skills and training to managed a team of nine different personalities, was very hard for me.I resigned my position, and when asked can i come back as a regular team member, it was denied. I really enjoyed meeting all kinds of people , from all kinds of walks in life. I often wish I hadn't left.

Pro érvek

Free lunches

Kontra érvek

Lack empathizing for others issues and feelings.
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bad place to work

A typical day at work is okay, you will not continue your full shift unless it's a busy day. the management sucks, they are very unprofessional and unapproachable. The hardest part of my job was to continue working there knowing they are not following the guidelines and very unprofessionalism.
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