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Okay job , customers are the worst

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Fun atmosphere with a ton of growth potential all the way up to becoming an owner/operator. Great learning experience for new or even seasoned workers. Customers are the worst
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Free chicken

Yeah it ok. Bossy manager. Not nice employees, no free lunch, long hours, standing in the cold, long line for mediocre chicken, bible thumpers. Work somewhere else
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Very Clean, underpaid for work load

I was often asked to take my break before clocking in to eat my free chicken sandwich and prepare for the day. busy shifts aRe hard but go by fast. Physically demanding. Customers and managers enforced weird culture out of “my pleasure”.

Pro érvek

Fast paced

Kontra érvek

Low pay, stressed managers
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Great company, not the best leadership

I've had the opportunity to work as leadership for this company. The company has high morale and culture, however, my store's lack of advancement potential and leadership was not the best overall and did not add to making the culture/environment workable. Pay people what they are worth and they will produce great results. I love Chick-Fil-A, but however, the chaos is not worth your mental health.

Pro érvek

Fulfillment, food

Kontra érvek

Upper Management, breaks, pay
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Fun place to work

Good place for a first job, management is kind of not great, you’ll have to pretty much suck up to the directors to get to a higher position, so it wasn’t great for me

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Decent pay

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Fast paced work environment super fast paced like customers coming in non stop no break nothing the co workers are lazy rude and its always some ghetto going on
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Corporate Trainer is a hard job!

Long hours, lots of over time, & no real work life balance. Each assignment was different which was exciting but also it is hard to be in a new location & not know anyone.

Pro érvek

Free food, per diem, gets to travel

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good for those looking to learn

fast paced business. good for those who are unsure about what they want to do. co-workers are fun and mgmt is ok. each location is independently run so it is a dice roll with each location you work at.

Pro érvek

free food, sundays off, fun co-workers

Kontra érvek

work/life balance, pay, scheduling
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Productive fun place

- The Pay is not great- No benefits- Fast paced- Fun culture to work - Free Food- Off on Sunday- If you work the night shift, go home at 11PM- If you can't handle stress this is not a job for you
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Trash job

Healthcare plan over priced. No dental or vision plan. Management doesn’t care about you only about money. No promotions or raises. Long hours in a day 9-10 sometimes more shifts

Pro érvek

Discounted food

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No advancement, poor management
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Favoritism will overtake depending on the location

I worked here for 6 years total. Some locations were amazing and understanding while others ruined this company for me. I worked at about 3 locations throughout my CFA career. There's no understanding for personal issues (funerals, financing, sick relatives) and the benefits have gone down hill from when I started. My last location was amazing but at the end of the day I still couldn't get enough pay for it to be worth the amount of time scheduled.

Pro érvek

Flexibility (Depending on location), Good co-workers

Kontra érvek

Short breaks, Minimal pay, favoritism, lack of respect from managment
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Great job for high school students, but a very limited path after the manager roles.

Unless you want to work for corporate or are one of the lucky few to be chosen in the opporator track this job is best for high schoolers and led by a few higher management. Can be very tough on your body. I was a manager in a high school and don't regret working there and it looks good on my resume, but after college I focused on my major which has been much more lucrative.

Pro érvek

Short shifts

Kontra érvek

Hard, fast paced enviroment that has a culture that focuses on constant positivity.
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go ahead and apply, it's alright.

I'm only reviewing to see more reviews. if you want to work somewhere with flexible hours and an ok pay, knock yourself out. I think this is enough characters. Have fun.

Pro érvek

good reputation, mentorship, plenty of opportunities.

Kontra érvek

standing all day and constantly moving around. extremely short breaks.
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Good place to start

CFA is a good place to work where the team gets along and the leadership is good. It can be busy at times, but everyone works together. Benefits could be better though.

Pro érvek

Good enviroment

Kontra érvek

Not great benefits until you get to the home office.
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Run far away from here

The help desk department is a horrible place to work. You are treated like horrible by management. You are subject in being verbally abused my customers which management does not care about.
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Wouldn’t come back to work

The pay was terrible wouldn’t come back. Too much gossip and terrible managers. Didn’t really like my coworkers. Left a bad taste in my mouth with fast food places.
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The Team

Great Team of people that were always willing to help out. The environment felt like a family. I really enjoyed working here. I would recommend this job to anyone.
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Stressful & uncomfortable working environment.

The management is messy & unorganized. The people in charge showed favoritism to their friends at the job. They spread around people's personal business & did not respect the personal schedules of the team. It was not a great experience working at Chic Fil A in Vine City.
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Fun job but mainly for teens

This job can potentially lead you to eventually being a manager of chick fil abut of course not a lot of room for growth in fast food. You could eventually potentially apply to be a chick fil a store owner
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Great Company

Great work for minors. My managers were kind and compassionate, Allowing me to take time off for medical reasons. But that is exclusive to my individual experience.
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It was a fun workplace. Always on your toes and lots to do.

It was a fun place to work. The coworkers probably made the experience one of the best. It was a drive thru only store so it was always busy it felt like so that made time go fast. The pay was alright. You definitely made more than the average pay in Georgia. The hours were good. They were always available!

Pro érvek

Discount on lunch. Lot of hours

Kontra érvek

Petty drama no communication.
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