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Productive and fun workplace

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2020, szeptember 1.
My experience working at chick fil a was far one of the best besides working with the people I went to school with . It’s important to build a relationship with your employees to get the best out of your work environment . Having a good relation with your employees Is important . I’ve had a great time working here . Everybody was friendly and had a common goal , to give the best oncoming experience to the people not only treat them with kindness and respect but to provide not only good quality food but a friendly environment where they feel welcomed. Everybody working together and getting along getting everything done made the job enjoyable. The manager was nice and made sure everybody was okay and in a good mood when clocked into the job . We may have had personal issues and sometime the manager gave us some positivity and talked it through with us made it seem like everything was going to be okay . Having a manager there for you who not only cared for the money but also for the employees made the job enjoyable . Overall the pay was good and especially for those looking for their first job , I recommend chick fil a .
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