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Fast Paced, Busy, Customer Oriented

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2018, július 22.
Chick-fil-A was busy almost all the time. I worked at a seasonal store that had a peak season in the summer, but even in the winter it was busy. I worked both the front line and the kitchen. It was pleasant most of the time. Management was sometimes good and sometimes meh. I was promoted to Training Leader for a year before heading to college and I loved it! I learned a lot about human resources and got to do a lot of office work which I enjoyed. Workplace culture was pretty good, although there was sometimes a low morale. The hardest part for me was the stress of peak periods and being on my feet all day. I have back issues that made it increasingly more difficult to function happily all day. Some days I worked up to 12 hours! The most enjoyable part was making people's day! Chick-fil-A allowed me to do random acts of kindness, so sometimes I could promo free a meal for someone, or bring a child behind the counter to make their own icedream! I love seeing people smile and spreading joy to their day!
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free meals each shift, customer focus, manager benefits
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stressful, fast paced, physical
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  1. Fast Paced, Busy, Customer Oriented