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Munkavállalói értékelés – Chick-fil-A

Fast-paced and efficient

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2020, május 28.
I enjoyed Chick-Fil-A, since I have been there for 5 years. A typical day at work includes taking orders, taking payment, handing out food, dealing with customer complaints, and a lot of physical work. I learned how to deal with customer complaints, and efficiently delight them. I am a part of the management and I have tried to make management the best it can be, but management is changing and not like it used to be. The workplace culture is okay, there are a lot of younger people who work at this location and it makes it hard to work sometimes because I prefer mature, hardworking individuals. The hardest part of the job would have to be that people find anything to complain about. The most enjoyable part of the job would have to be the coworkers.
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