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It is fun to work Capital One as UAT Automation Test Developer. nice colleague with coordination for work and new working environment to learn and get something new.
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Productive with good amount of PTO time

Good company overall, and great environment, only downfall is that management can appear to be micro-managing and that was very frustrating. Pay is good, and time of is good as well.
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Good place to work

I was able to grow in my roll at Capital One. They guide their employees well and help them to achieve success.I was to answer 60 calls a day. I didn't have to call out too often.Management was encouraging and easy to work with.The hardest part of the job was some of the customers were angry and hard to calm down.What was enjoyable was helping the customers get their call back.
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Not great

Super obvious favoritism, management will harass team members they don't like until they push them out of the company and HR just moves the managers to a different team when complaints are made. It is horrible.
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Only bad side is that not every customer was able to be kept in their cars.

Fun place to work, training programs very knowledgeable, and management very approachable and supportive. Enjoyed working with COAF and would enjoy returning to work for them.
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Fun Workplace

Fun workplace. Good work life balance. Management was okay. A lot of fun staff engagements. If you don’t like call centre work, then it definitely won’t be for you.
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Wonderful corporate culture

Capital One's corporate culture is amazing. They're truly value is as employees!! My 1 on 1s with my Manager and Floor Supvs are informative and educational.

Pro érvek

Gifts, management support

Kontra érvek

Compensation is lower than normal
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Great place to work

Very welcoming and positive environment. You can definitely move around and get promoted if that’s what you’re looking for. Overall, I really enjoyed it.

Pro érvek

Great benefits

Kontra érvek

Upper management turnover
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Fun workplace

Overall great job culture and benefits. Good job to gain experience that also had a lot of opportunities. Unfortunately many of the branches were closed.
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Very competitive, lots of favoritism

Capital One isn’t a bad company to work for. I have enjoyed my time there for the most part. I am finding it difficult to advance in my career. The few executive assistant positions that become available are held for handpicked individuals. Other EAs in the company gatekeeper those positions. It’s extremely frustrating to be told you don’t have enough experience to be an EA yet they give those roles to people who are connected regardless of experience or performance. I was an EA in my previous place of employment, for more than 7 years because our family had to relocated to VA (military spouse) I took a job with Capital One as a Sr. admin Assistant with them assuring me that opportunity for advancement (EA roles) we’re plenty and easy to transitioned into, which is a lie. Also, the recruiters treat internal candidates terribly.

Pro érvek

Flexible, decent pay

Kontra érvek

Stack ratings, no opportunity to advance
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We’re family bull scared of losing your job after your shift cliques are encouraged no loyalty and not knowing what to expect everyday not worth the time
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fun culture, ok pay, advancement is there

great company culture depends on department, alot of meetings. career advance can be hard sometimes, horizontal movements can happen often. many job title layers
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overall not so bad of a company to work for benefits are pretty good compared to companies I have worked for in the past, I can't believe I'm forced to use
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Great work/life balance

Capital One is committed to a great work experience for employees. It shows through the work environment, the benefits and the positive culture. From day one you can get insurance coverage and 401k benefits (3% full match, 3% 50% match). After 6-8 weeks of training, you can schedule time off.
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Productive and fun work place with a lot of activities and events.

What stand out about working for Capital One is the environment, friendly respectful co workers, the great management. I enjoy working for Capital One.
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I loved this job!

The only downfall with this job is if you aren’t taking care of yourself you may find yourself gaining weight. This is a sit down job! You’re at your desk everyday your whole shift. You leave for 2 15s and your lunch each day. You cannot have personal items at your desk, including your cell phone. You have a locker and they are very strict on what can be on the floor. You have to remember you’re dealing with people socials and credit cards numbers. You have to be an honest person and they make sure their customers are safe. For doing a great job you get monthly bonus’ which is to me the best part! I was always a hard worker and I would be a top agent so I got to be put in for drawings to win extra items, I have won an electric grill before! They truly make you feel like you’re cared for and your hard work pays off! If you’re considering working here, I say do it! You won’t regret it!
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Great place to work with an amazing culture

Great management and overall company culture. I felt valued working here and built a lot of genuine relationships. Great place to develop personal, professional, and technical skills.
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Wonderful Work Culture

Overall, good work environment. Good ethics program. Great management. Nice work schedule. Appreciative and encouraging community. Hiring process kind of slow but, overall, great place to work.
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Best Work Culture ever!

Capital One has such an amazing culture and work life balance I’m truly regretting leaving. The only Con is some of the Supervisors are not fit to lead people which makes the experience sometimes sour.
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Great Benefits and Flexibility

I was happy while working here. I loved the management the culture and our CEO was caring, brilliant and forward thinking. We were like a unit and a family.

Pro érvek

Great CEO

Kontra érvek

It wasnt a bank for all Businesses
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Capital One is, by far, the best company to work for! It offers the best benefits, the best people, and the best culture!

Capital One is, by far, the best company to work for! It offers the best benefits, the best people, and the best culture! You will receive the best training, work with some of the best people in the industry, enjoy an awesome culture, love your benefits, and wonder why you did not start working there earlier in your life!
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