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It is fun to work Capital One as UAT Automation Test Developer. nice colleague with coordination for work and new working environment to learn and get something new.
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Productive and fun environment

I have found my time at capital one to be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. The company's commitment to innovation and excellence has provided me with numerous opportunities for professional growth and development.I have had the privilege of working alongside talented and supportive colleagues who have not only fostered a collaborative environment but also inspired me to push the boundaries of my own capabilities. The management team has consistently shown a genuine interest in the well-being and career progression of their employees, creating a positive and motivating workplace culture.Additionally, the company's emphasis on work-life balance and flexible scheduling has allowed me to maintain a healthy equilibrium between my professional and personal life. I am truly grateful for the experiences and knowledge gained during my time at capital one.
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fun working place until covid

It was a great company until covid then it became micro managed. Lots of standing and community outreach. I gained so many skills at my time here. It's really what you make it.
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No thanks. Horrible pay. Not properly compensated for additional work. Always want you to go above and beyond for a pat on the back. Was a stable position, but overall, felt taken advantage of.
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Capital one is going through their version of the Roman Empire collapse.

What is the best part of working at the company?Many hybrid or work from home positions What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Your constantly having to justify why your job is needed so you don’t get let go.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?They promote themselves as progressive but they are at the core your average banker boys club.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Log in work attend 5 different meetings that take you away from your core role and then later in the week your yelled at for failing in your performance/metrics
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Survivor-like experience

Working there is like an episode of Survivor. At the end of the day someone has to be kicked off the island due to their stack ranking performance management process. Colleagues play the game to win and take steps to ensure they are still standing. Then, the process starts all over again and those remaining compete against one another because the next round of eliminations quickly approaches. This is one of the most stressful workplaces I have ever seen. The answer is to have financial independence so that you do not need to depend on this (or any) employer.
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Lost in Transition

Company doesn't know what it wants to become. They stress that they're a FinTech company, but they hired a bunch of former Alexa castoffs to lead their product org and direction. Pay is does not correlate to hours put in- so expect to work 60+hours and on weekends. Also very cut throat and passive aggressive culture. Products are non-existent and lacking from a PM view.
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Tough times

Performance management is very tough at the moment. Forced distribution with stakes ranking. Job security and return to office are the two main drivers of dissatisfaction
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So Fun! Until you're gone.

Interesting vibe. The layoff reputation of capital one is there for a reason. It's the best place to work until you don't work there anymore. It's a great place to develop a resume, but looking at it as a place to retire is like rolling dice every day.
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Good place to learn about car loans and interest.

Get to work around noon. You learn alot about car loans and how interest impacts the life of your loan. I learned alot about the industry. Management is great. The culture is very cliche ish. Lots of cliches around as normal for a call center. The hardest part is talking guests into what you need from then to meet your goals as well what is best for the guests

Pro érvek

Lots of free stuff like lunches and fun days
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Great WLB

I truly appreciated the outstanding work-life balance and the excellent campus during my time there. Having free parking and sports facilities throughout the campus enhanced the overall experience.
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Collaborative environment

Stack rank reviews produces aggressive recruiting environment. Compensation and flexibility a pro. Would not consider for future opportunities. Everyone for themselves.
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Great Place to Work

Friendly coworkers. Supportive management team. Plenty of opportunity for advancement. Very nice office setting. Work was hard at times but was well rewarded.
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Capital One is an overall good company. The benefits and salary are decent . There has been ALOT of changes this year that have been challenging to navigate around. Mental health is a top priority for me.
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Capital One is a great company with average people management

Worked at Capital One for a little over a year before getting laid off. People are, for the most part, pretty great and the initiatives we worked on were meaningful. Just unlucky with how the market is trending - seems like a lot of tech companies are doing layoffs now.

Pro érvek

Smart people, great office, flexible hybrid work schedule

Kontra érvek

Layoffs at mid- and end-of-year are common
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Good benefits

Decent job. Good benefits. Depends who you work under. They do provide a generous amount of PTO and other forms of incentives for their employees. Had an ok experience
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ilove capitalibe

What is the best part of working at the company?best place to work ever.. all the benefits and opportunity What is the most stressful part about working at the company?i dont have one, i am always happy and contented What is the work environment and culture like at the company?none so far so good ..you will love it thereoWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?exciting and full of fun and always the best place to work
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Fun work place

This was one of the best places I ever worked! Everyone was friendly and helpful. They’re was room for growth if it wasn’t for the office closing. I love everything about the company

Pro érvek

The amount of pto

Kontra érvek

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Excellent place to work. Great people. Mostly plus managers

Very good managers for directing work. Not as strong on associate development as stated but good. Over corrects when a change is needed and too often creates havoc as a result.
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SO MANY lay offs right now, it's crazy

I worked for the company for over 20 years, worked my way up from phone customer service rep to a manager. Was laid off 2 years before retirement in a group 'strategy meeting', totally blindsided. Family and friends are leaving in droves, the culture is not at all what it once was, and it's sad. I did get a severance package, etc but it was determined by job level, not tenure. In the end, just proves that after giving my all for over 20 years I was nothing to them. I guess that's just business, but after all the 'Do the right thing' talk for all those years I still felt pretty shafted.
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Great place

Great place to work at has som me dats where it is very exhausting some days are a walk in the park. Just depends on the flow of customers and the type of business they bring in. Could be a simple transaction or a more difficult one of researching bills to see if they hit paid
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