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Flexible hours

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This business has flexible hours and I manage, teach, and support people. The culture is open-minded, creative and I get to help people from all occupations.
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Excelente Empresa pra se trabalhar.

Ótimo ambiente de trabalho fazendo com o dia passe rápido sem que percebamos.

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Não tem
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Freelance consulting

This is a freelance consulting role. Indeed database does not appear to have a right category for this role. The MBA intern work is voluntary, broadens my perspective, and enriches my experiences.
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Great working with different classes of business and management.

It has been a pleasure working with various businesses with different management institutions. Document financial and personal wishes on financial information relating to individual documents. Receiving all information electronically, in order to prevent to prevent mail fraud. Making sure address, email address, cell phone and call-in password are updated on a regular basis. There is however a need to consider a record of every client's activity and credit history. I had to change the billing on my cell phone to unfreeze the credit of a number of clients. It does come with some inconvenience, but it is a secure method to protect anyone's credit.
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Self Employed

Providing business consulting to small business owners in the areas of accounting, banking, sales & marketing, operations management and employee payroll and benefits options.

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Friendly & Professional

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Services only apply to small business
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Very flexible

Working as an independent contractor allows me to have flexibility to balance work and home life. I have enjoyed the different companies I worked with in the medical field.

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fun and homing

This long credited consulting company, has multiple results standing the triangle area, contribute the city's development. It tried branch into other business, with shortage of management, it may seemed more difficult.
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Productive and fun

Productive and fun. My work there was so fun with the help of hardworking coworkers. And also my boss was so supportive and sporting.
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Muy cordial

Iniciando el día pasaba con la Contadora y le preguntaba cual eran las facturas que tenía que ingresar y en que horarios, organizaba mi día por los diferentes horarios de ingreso a revisión de Facturas, ya por la tarde regresaba a entregar las facturas ingresadas. Cuando había Congresos las ejecutivas, me solicitaban apoyo para llevar y entregar revistas, ya que los eventos duran 3 días por lo general y ellas no pueden estar todos los días, mi responsabilidad era entregar el material a los asistentes en los recesos y solicitar tarjetas ó nombres de los médicos, para hacerles llegar la revista sin costo alguno, ya que el costo de la revista es cubierta por los anunciantes. La revista cuando me tocaba ir a repartir junto con el chofer era en las principales Torres Médicas.

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Aprendizaje continuo y oportunidad de desarrollo.

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Tuve que dejarlo para terminar mi preparatoria y no entorpecer el trabajo con permisos.
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Productive, innovative and meaningful

Working with small to medium sized business to help build brand awareness and generate incremental sales is a rewarding practice.
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Heathly work environement

Typical day at work - Meetings, Meetings, Meetings. Transparent job descriptions and project timeline. Good teamwork effort all around. Co-workers were always willing to help at anytime. Most enjoyable part of my day is knowing customers are extremely happy and satisfied.

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casual fridays

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heathcare benefits.
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