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Ashburn, VA2 értékelés
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Not a lot of good to say about any aspect of Burger King.

My time there was long enough to see a lot of situations which would leave many never wanting to return again.

From difficult management to dodgy coworkers, uncleanliness and lack of concern for anything but money, working there made me fully realize restaurants are ran by humans, and humans with questionable ethics are capable of not-so-good behavior.

From forcing management to run the store during renovations, and letting building dust gather on top of everything (including food) with no proper ventilation, to improperly training their managers in food safety.

Many situations that would leave a health inspector with their jaw on the floor.

I'd think twice of stepping foot inside another store again, never mind working in one.
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In my experience working at Burger King I have had 2 different general managers, both of which have been lacking at being sufficient to their job. While working for said managers, I would be called in randomly while not being scheduled on top of already being scheduled full time at times because of lack of communication from what my fellow employees have told them ie. that they would be on vacation 2 weeks from the time they were telling them. On top of that, I would be stuck doing more than what I was trained to do; however, I would receive complaints from my assistant managers about how the production of the store was not up to par, regardless of me doing their job on top of my own.

In conclusion, Burger King was an overall good experience for the skills I have learned ie. multitasking, working under heavy pressure and interacting with people. However, I do not feel the job was not at the standard to what I am capable of taking into consideration how I was treated vs the amount of work I would put in.
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Good exposure to hard work and quick thinking
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Poor Management and working rights
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