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Didn't get a decent pay for 3 weeks of training. Hard test and quizzes. Some favoritism. Didn't really feel supported while in training. Not guaranteed.
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No leadership

You might love the work you do, but you and everyone else will be over-worked and under supported. Hartford currently has 2 techs for 2 shift with no lead, no materials personnel, and limited ground support.
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Don't Apply Here

This is a terrible business. They treat the flight attendants terribly; they think of you as disposable. Forget about receiving respect from management. You will be treated with hate and disdain. Your pay will be poverty level. Why would anyone want to work under these conditions? Do not consider working here. You will be depressed.
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Terrible pay and unorganized

Barely give any hours and expect you to do extra work for little pay. They force you to do work that’s not in your job description. Terrible management.
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Other flight attendants are nice

Breeze upper management does not respect or care anything about their flight attendants as evidenced by their lack of concern that their Flight Attendants do not get paid enough to eat much less pay their bills, and I am totally serious. I average about $1000 per month in pay, and we do not have enough days off to work a second job which we should not have to do to begin with because they should stop being deceptive and pay a fair wage. This company treats their flight attendants like garbage so run as fast as you can from this company unless you want to be a pilot. The pilots are paid ok.
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Bad company

This job is very low in pay, low morale in company, bad culture, cultlike feel to the company, a lot of favoritism, disorganized, lack if communication
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Can you live off of $1100 a month?

The salary is 22.50 an hour sounds good but there is so much you don’t get paid for that other airlines do. After taxes and insurance I bring home $1100 a month. I think McDonalds pays better. We don’t even have a crew room you sit for 6+ hours at the gate with passengers. Management has zero respect for us yet we are the face of the company and the reason ratings are so good. You will not be able to make a living wage here. I would only suggest coming here to use it as a stepping stone as experience to get a job with a better carrier.

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Awesome fellow flight attendants and pilots

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Pay, no crew room, lack of work rules, airport reserve
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Company cuts corners in weird places.

Interesting airline. Although they are new. They seem a bit disorganized. Like one part of the company doesnt know what the other is doing. Lots of last minute requests that are due immediately when on routine things. Sometimes it seems there is no overall plan or anyone coordinating everything so people are stepping all over each other all the time. A bit cult like..

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Pretty nice people to work with overall

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Seems a bit unfocused and lacking direction
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Poor Management, unprofessional & Unorganized Environment

The job is ok but the pay for the different task of work is not enough & Management needs to be better. The team doesn't work together most of the times & Supervisors show favortism. The company has a chance to be better if they clean house!
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Very exciting place to work

The managers are super friendly the pay is good a welcoming environment to work in you meet good people along the way it gives you space to elevate in life

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Good pay

Kontra érvek

Long hours
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Fun company to work for

Met many people! Everyone was very nice. The company is new so they are working out some kinks. Pay was great! In flight managers were very helpful. Training was really fun. Overall loved the job!

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Company encourages super spreaders

You’ve heard the CEO’s statements and it is reflected in the company culture. Base is understaffed, employees are overworked and it’s all brushed off as “well we’re a start up”
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