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Based off these answers, can you tell it’s summertime in Kansas? 😂🏊‍♀️🏖 As a way to encourage more movement throughout the day, we’ve been asking employees to visit whiteboards located in stairways throughout our campus. #bcbskslife #bcbsks #employeewellness
Without a trout, our interns had the best time last week! 💙🎣 They, along with other employee volunteers, spent time with preschoolers from Pine Ridge Prep teaching them how to fish before enjoying lunch together.
To round out their internships with us, interns work together to give back to the community. Last week's fishing trip was how this year's interns decided to
volunteer. #bcbsksgives #bcbskslife #topcityinterns
It was great to see employees and their families up and moving Saturday at our annual BlueFest 5K and 1-mile fun run! Thanks to everyone who came out! 💙👟 #bcbskslife
All it took was one race to convince BCBSKS provider consultant Cindy Garrison that she needed a car of her own. For the past 35 years, she and her husband have been participating in drag racing. 🏁
"My husband has always done it. At one of his races he convinced me to try it with his car and I came back and told him to build me a car of my own. Because of racing, we have friends all over the globe - Finland, Canada, Germany, and the U.S. It is a fun way to spend a weekend," she said. #bcbsks #bcbskslife
Slimy?! Alien fruit?! We asked some employees to try exotic fruits and they didn’t hold back. 😂 Check out the video at the link in our bio. #bcbskslife #bcbsks
We can't believe it's been a year since we buried our time capsule! We buried it in our courtyard last year as part of our company's 75th anniversary celebrations. Some of the items we included were a @topekacapitaljournal newspaper, a Fitbit, photos of employees and an info. sheet about the company. 🤔⏳ What would you put in a time capsule? #tbt #bcbsks #bcbskslife
With a title like "Director of Information Technology Systems Development," you might not characterize employee Todd Pettygrove as a rock star. But, spend a few hours with him outside of work, and you'd quickly learn he is the epitome of the definition. 🤘 As a member of two bands, he's spent most of his life performing across the globe. 🎤🎵
"Ever since I taught myself to play the guitar in third grade, I've been standing up in front of people playing and singing. Fast forward to 1983 when I met up with some guys from Kansas City and we started a band called Vandelyn Kross. We traveled the Midwest for about six years, looking for our big break that never came. In 2007 we decided to put the band back together and give it another shot! In 2013, we recorded a studio album and I continue to play with Vandelyn Kross to this day.
"In 2013 I joined the band Shooting Star to be their new lead singer. My first show with them was at the Moondance Jam in Walker, Minnesota where we played with Buckcherry, Cheap Trick and Mötley Crüe. It was a great experience to be out on that huge stage with thousands of fans looking on and rocking out!
"I get lost in the moment and I forget about everything else. I love the brotherhood and while each one of us is good at what we do, it's the 'putting together' of all the parts that makes it great. I also love meeting new people, entertaining and interacting with the crowd and just having a good time! While dreams don't always work out as planned, go chase them with all your heart. There can still be positive side effects for the rest of your life," he said. #bcbsks #bcbskslife
How many of you 🚲 to work? For BCBSKS customer service assistant supervisor Sam Hernandez, it's something he's enjoyed for the last eight years!
“There is something to be said for the fresh air and freedom - similar to that feeling you get with a convertible. However, unlike most vehicles though, I am not locked to the road and can easily transition to a trail for some off-road fun. No matter how exhausting a ride can be at times, I always feel more alert and energized after," he said. #bcbskslife #bcbsks #NationalBikeMonth
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