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Formation chez l importateur

Envoi en formation régulièrement ce qui permet d être au courant des nouveautés

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Café gratuit
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Hard work

More work than you'd expect. The cars are built by you and not so much the machines. Long wait to get hired on. 5 year wait for top pay. Worked there for 10 years. Work life balance is way off. Long shifts followed by long furlough depending on parts. Not an attractive place young people to work. The grind is for real.
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Très beau métier

Superbe marque bonne ambiance mais compétitive. Malgré tout ça superbe marque
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Lots to learn, does promote from within, very monotonous.

The first year is relatively great as there are lots of opportunities, for what your doing your being compensated very well. The biggest draw is doing the same task over and over can be tiring and boring.
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Good benefits and well work-life balance

Good benefits and well work-life balanceWorking times are longSafety placeFlexible schedules Lunch is available for a low costGood facilitiesTraining should improve
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Working with team work Communication Respect Quality of work Attendance Honestly Technically skill Attitude Independence workWork relation Creativity

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Nothing free

Kontra érvek

40 or more
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Ambiente lavorativo sereno

Ho lavorato 6 mesi in quest’azienda , è stata sicuramente una delle esperienze lavorative che più mi ha formato, nonostante il lavoro fosse a volte molto ripetitivo e complicato .
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I have worked at BMW for 7 years the people there are great but management is horrible. You have tenured reps leaving because of it. I used to love my job but now it's horrible
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At BMW dealership that I worked nothing stand out

My experience with BMW dealership that I worked was very unpleasant.During my orientation and training I had minimum help.I had online training on there website for five days where I had to figure out out everything on my own because no one was available to instruct me.During my interview they didn’t mention about some job duties that later assisted to be preformed.For example to go travel about 100 malls to pick up car and bring to other location on Saturday late afternoon during winter season on snowy wetter conditions.
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Smash your head against the wall every day

I have worked at a bottom end garage, consider to be one of the worst dealerships in the country. And I currently work at a BMW dealership, considered to be one of the best. There is very little difference. Staff and customers get treated near enough the same.
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Depends on where you work, depends on how good your job will be

I worked in body shop and they got rid of production and made maintenance run production and then complained that we weren't keeping up with the maintenance and up time of equipment was dropping. We were told by our boss that if we didn't improve we could get out and he could find 20 guys to replace us and encouraged us to leave so they could hire more tech scholars for 5X less pay.
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Great brand with worst work environments and management.

Workload is very different in each department and teams.Lack of HR management ability from both HR department and Department/Team leaders.Lots and lots of manual works, there is no reliable system or work platforms. They are onto developing but it is still way behind the market standard.Lots of politics in the work. butt-licking is required for promotion.
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It's fine

Just okay for the most part, just like every other car company. Your income is entirely dependent on the economy, when it comes to luxury products it's always the first thing people cut out or grind you harder on.
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environnement de travail attractif

Environnement de travail motivant et nouveaux modèles intéressant
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Needless stress and inconsistencies

The company has a severe disconnect between management and it's employees. Take a few months of courses for their manager training and suddenly you're qualified to assess technicians/workers that been in the field for decades. High turnover due to a HR department that the workers have no more faith in to be objective. Favortism, nepatism and inconsistencies running amuck. Management consistently taking more benefits from the workers while increasing the workload. All this under the guise of wanting to remain competitive. They suffer from what most large companies suffer from - too many managers and not enough workers. Give the workers the objectives and they'll pretty much reach it without all the needless stress the company puts on them.

Pro érvek

They still have decent pay and benefits

Kontra érvek

Useless HR department for employees, stressful environment.
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They like to work you and never give you raises.

Not a place to grow you have to be cool with management to even get considered. The only positive side you gain client experience and sales. The environment is always busy and pretty stressful all the time.
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Productive and fun work place

Working here is awesome, staff is great , pay is great and your task is very understandable and you learn new things all the time and you get to greet guests
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Procedures and process gives me exactly what is expected out of me and a clear understanding on how to achieve my goals and meet company expectations

I feel like having the opportunity to grow and possibly retire from the largest manufacturing company in the United States is a great opportunity. I believe in the process and strongly believe in attendance. You can be the greatest employee in the facility, however if you are late or don't show up, it's simply a waste of everyone's time and energy to invest in a person. In a twenty month timeframe, I never received one point from attendance.
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Easy going & very little stress

Coming from a sales job this is the perfect blend of sales and customer service. Your not as worried about where money will come from but you have the potential to make money
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Great workers no work life balance

Co Workers made the job fun but the managers were tough to work with some days. Pay was good as long as you’re selling otherwise it’s pretty rough. No work life balance. Like zero.
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