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good work from home job

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there were good customer as well as rude customers. it was nice knowing you were able to help customers with their order such as checking order status placing orders and returning orders
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Great if you like flexibility but no guarantee of hours and almost no support. I was lucky that we were not relying on my pay as some weeks it was less then $100
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Training was awful

The instructor did not lead well. Failure to keep class on track and often lost his patience. It felt like we wouldn’t get very far on simple tasks in the time we had which was frustrating to go at such a slow pace.
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I left after short time as the business I went thru went bust and Arise could not get me logged back in

I left after short time as the business I went thru went bust and Arise could not get me logged back inNot very helpful staff.Gave up after a few months, trying to get systems to log back in.A lot of training for a job I only worked in for a couple of months.
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The Arise Platform has a variety of Remote CSR Agent Careers, Excellent leadership, and Work Life Balance can be achieved with Arise.

Joining the Arise Platform has been an awesome experience thus far, Work opportunities like roadside assistance, and many other Career Programs to choose from. This is a Treasure for an Independent Business owner/Contractor, and/or Entrepreneur. Certification is very informative learning experience with some awesome Facilitators in place. Overall I rate Arise off the charts 10 and Recommend Arise to Other Entrepreneurs out there.
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Customer Service Representative

Flexible work schedule, you can choose your own clients, free training classes, support from individual clients, limited supervisor support as these roles are limited.
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Good platform for work from home

Training is in two phases you get paid from phase 2 and the benefit of this is that you can choose your hours. The best thing is you can work from home. If you have any issue with the system they help you out and also get a waiver for that.
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Waste of time and money, no support

Alert*** after all time I spent in training(really bad training)the codes I needed to work was never provided and I was left by my own. There is not a person to talk for support, there is no support or someone who can take responsibility. I spent my money and time for nothing and arise does not respond. Be alert, do not waste your time, this arise broket is not secure at all. Work for companies directly instead going through them.
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Making your own schedule is great

Remote work, you choose which client you want to service.No paid training, pay is very little and not even equivalent to minimum wage. As a 1099 contractor you have to pay a $19.95 platform fee each pay period (2x month)
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Good company with flexibility

I can chose my hours based on my availability. Also can’t swap or relate hours if it’s an emergency or sick. Paid well. Good tech support if I had issues with tools.

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Flexible hours

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Bad tier 2
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Great flexibility in choosing hours

Great flexibility in choosing your hours, too many system issues, and you don't get paid for time not worked even though it's not your fault—too much time to receive assistance from supervisors.
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Ok place to work remotely

Ok place to work remotely good work lifestyle balance because you make your own schedule most clients pay well so that's a plus and you also get to choose which client you want to service for

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No pay until training is finished
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Not enough training

I trained online but at the actual production, not much I learned during training cropped up. I hope they train more on every aspect of the job. Support for the agents is a mess.
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Enjoyed working here

I did enjoy working here. I had to get used to it at first. There was flexible scheduling and like that it was remote. Might not be for everyone but it is worth a try.
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Good and bad

The company itself gives very little support and it shows. It seems as if, as long as they have their money, then they're good. The variety of companies to work for is great, but honestly, it's just a revolving door for them. And tech support is a joke. If their system is stopping you from working, good luck!
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Its okay

I guess its an okay job but you have to pay out of pocket for jobs to pop up plus a fee when you choose a job Customers are rude and it takes all day for a job to actually pop up

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The job is what it is

Arise does provide steady income...That is if the systems work, you are able to get hours, & don't mind the low pay.Lack of support with technical issues. It is outsourced to people unfamiliar with the systems and operations. After a slow & tedious process, very rarely is the issue fixed. If you are unable to work due to these issues, you are simply out of luck.
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its ok

no benefits, it is ok for a contractor position. you can learn a lot in different roles and working with different companies. downside is the pay varies per contract
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The hardest part of the job is unpaid training which usually last approximately 4 weeks. The best part of the job is the flexibility to make your own schedule.
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Totally time waste

If you have just extra time to kill then you are at perfect place. I did training for 3 companies and their software did nit work for me. No one could help me after wasting 4-5 weeks on training for each client. Pay is too low after paying your taxes, cpp for both employee and employer portion. Training is not paid it is not 4-5 weeks but ongoing every week after as week for 4-5 hours easily. Too much unrealistic expectation. Not proper and organized training in field but just before the work. No one respond in chat while on call but expect to help cx in 22 minutes with all the steps.
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Not a good job.

You can lose your statement of work out of nowhere without notice which means you will be without a job. There is no paid training and you have to pay for the training too. The chat rooms can take forever when you need help. There is constant technical issues that is company related. If technical issues arise, even though it is Arise’s fault, you do not get paid. Don’t think of this as a good job or one that is dependable. Low pay, many times no pay, no help, and not a job they is one you can grow in.
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