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A lot to learn

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Was a fun place to work most of the time. Very process oriented and a clear quality path for your work from start to deployment. Work can be a lot sometimes so at times work-life balance was skewed.

Pro érvek

Learning, Process

Kontra érvek

Work-life balance
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Bad culture

Not happy about working there , frustruated and weekends are hectic lot of work , dont recommend anyone to go work there , management care onky work and not employees
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It is a good working experience here

Working here got a lots knowledge, there are multiple areas in which you can grow your knowledge and a good work experience. Working culture of here is great.
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Work life balance is fine, learning is good, poor salary

Good culture. Good opportunities to learn and grow. Stayed there for more than 15 years. Management is supportive. Policies are employee favourable. Some grps have high delivery pressuee

Pro érvek

Good work, good learning

Kontra érvek

Low salary, less growth
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Good work place with great work culture

Good work place and good technical exposure in computer networks. Management flexible but lower management are more od micro managers. Overall very good.
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Aricent is one of the excellent service based company

8 hours work per day Good work environment Learning more wireless and datacom technology Having good management leads On time salary credit to the employee Working culture is good

Pro érvek

Good work environment

Kontra érvek

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Best place for learners.

You will have a work life balance. Projects are really good and ppl are knowledgeable. Now Aricent is moving in different domains as well so good opportunity to learn.

Pro érvek

-learning curve will go above.

Kontra érvek

-hikes and money
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Good place to start career

Good place to start career. I joined as a fresher and learnt many basic things. Leads are helpful in nature & supportive to learners. Thanks for the oppurtunity
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Good work place to make life balance

Very friendly management and life balance is good, chance are very less to learn new technologies. very good work culture, convince management is very difficult
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Productive and fast paced

Aricent is a very nice company to work with. It has amazing management and work hierarchy. It is a fast paced work environment. Here, i had tremendous learning opportunities and steep learning curve which helped me in my career immensely.
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Average Experience

Aricent is a service-based company. It treats its employees fairly but customer is always the priority. Sometimes the work hours can be late and challenging. Overall Average company to work for.
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Highly productive and good work environment

Nice to work and good environment . good management and great team to work . Good facilities and benefits and good skilled professionals to work with.
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Good place to learn

Pros: 1. Good place to learn technology 2. Management is slightly better as compared to other company 3. Appraisals are good Cons: 1. Salary is very less 2. Less allowance
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Excellent support and professional place.

Aricent/Altran is excellent place to work. The company provides good support for employees. I found Aricent/Altran to be a professional place to be employed at.
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Aricent Review

The company needs to expand its understanding in terms of training. A lot of people are very well versed with their job specifications but done know how to have a simple communication.

Pro érvek

Team building activities

Kontra érvek

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Positive working environment

Associated with Aricent for 5 years, high increment as compare to another competator in market. Positive working environment. L&D department is there to take care of your learning and development.
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Productive and Fun Place

According to me Its a Big Inside Politics Company , I won't recommend others to Join in that Company who is having a big aspiration in his life. Everything runs fair., Work-life balance is little tough to maintain

Pro érvek

Good Management and CEO

Kontra érvek

1.Work pressure 2. Bad work life balance 3 .scope to improve work-life balance"
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Nice place to start your career..

Nice place to start your career.. but not a good choice to look career growth and less opportunities. If you are looking for oppurtunities in a product based company.. its a right choice.
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Very bad company

Very bad company. No job security at all. Please prefer siting at home without any job rather than joining this stupid organisation. Management is bad & project managers have no clue of what they are doing.
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Good Workplace

1.Entierly Aricent Campus is good and they will more proactive on employee care. 2. Lots of Training session will be conducted by LD Team. 3. Client allowances will be provided who is working at in client place apart from the Salary. 4.Peoples are very cooperative and supportive. 5.Earlier there were variable pay now they have removed the variable play and fixed salary will be provided to the employee.
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Excellent working culture

Hi, Before joining Aricent is one of the company when I join in future. After joining Aricent I really glad and I really enjoy my every single second. Best part of this company is working culture.
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