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Secaucus, NJ1 értékelés
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Worked as a On Call VIP Bartender over 12 years at The Meadowlands Sports Complex in E.Rutherford,N.J. and Loved providing Impeccable and Exemplary Service to Star's and Sports Figures from around the World,not to mention every day Commoners out for a Great Time while watching Sports and or Concerts. Challenging at times, Especially play off's for NFL Football, NBA Basketball and NHL Hockey that Literally Shook The SKY with excitement like NOTHING else I've ever experienced in my Life. TBH there was an extreme amount of Supervisors, because of the size of the venues and events, sometimes not being treated fairly out of Control Issues and Authority Roles taken to the EXTREME, but there's always 1 SUIT that uses their Authority Overboard, Otherwise GREAT FUN WORK ENVIRONMENT. Memorable FOREVER. There were difficult times with unfairness with Co Workers that were Greedy,stealing Tips that were meant to be Split and shared evenly,having to contend with Suck Up Types that were Obviously Favored and Teachers Pet's Type,but if Nothing Else, it teaches you how to be TOLERANT when THING'S are not right, but instead, Learning how to Grin and Bare it and to be Grateful for Everything you have as apposed to getting caught up with Work Drama because Unfortunately, THAT'S LIFE.
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Enjoying Restaurant Delicious food during each event along with ample and fair break's, Especially when working Doubles, up to 12-14 hours in a day.
Kontra érvek
Unfairness due to Favoritism and Shady Stuff between worker's and Management.
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