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Speaking for myself

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2020, július 5.
I have been with Aramark doing concessions as a supervisor at a small account at a university and a manager at a huge account at a NBA arena. The cultures are like night and day. The NBA arena, my most recent location, WAS all about maximizing profits, even at the expense of employees. Zero employee appreciation or engagement of almost any kind. Not surprisingly, when COVID-19 hit, "we" laid off all of the hourly employees. It was tough, but it had to be done, however, I felt that "we" slapped our people in the face with the dry, emotionless email/text HR sent out to let people know that everything was canceled and they should file for unemployment. I really felt like we could have done better given our resources and the fact that our unit was making $100,000+ for events every other day. To put the cherry on top, they furloughed all of the second-tier managers (me included) back in March. I can't speak for any of the others, but I haven't received so much as a butt-call from my boss since. What kind of leadership is that? It's disappointing because I started my career with this company and came up under a few good leaders in a great team environment. The last couple of years at the arena have been the opposite and worse yet, I've seen my employees suffer for it.
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