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Great Company

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Working at American Express was a great opportunity coming right out of college. I was able to get my feet wet with a great company while learning many skills that were useful for the rest of my career.
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Good company

I had a great time working here the company was a blessing and I think I had another chance I would go back asap without a hesitation thank you work this company
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An 'OK' job place, if you like "corporate"

Opportunities for advancement - good luck. Management is alright. However, fills like you are more of a politician than anything else. If like spending 70-80-90 percent of your energy on politics and a small percent on doing actual work, go for it.
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Great place to work

management is good, workplace culture is nice. Interactive session we have. Fun gaming community. Great place to work. Free snacks and lunch. All the best
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Bad Management

No area for advancement. You can get off the phones but it's always temporary. You can coach, assist in chat but always come back to the phone. There is a lot of favoritism but the pay and incentives are decent.

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Flex time, gift card incentives

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Messy co workers
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Fun but overwhelming place to work. The entitlement of some of the customers is beyond me. The company deadlines make the turnover rate high. Covid I’m sure has impacted the stress level
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Typical Ole' Fortune 500

Good, yet challenging first job out of college, where I was able to learn a tremendous foundation for sales - especially being a green salesman. The first 2 weeks of training is extremely important and helpful for your immediate success.Once in role - your experience really depends on the manager you get, and the director they fall underneath. I experienced the both best AMEX had to offer, as well as, leaders that had no business being in role. AMEX does have a quicker fuse when it comes to firing people, so if there is someone in position that is not fit or acts out - they are not embarrassed or too prideful to acknowledge the mistake, fix it, and move on.While there is good money to be made, and the entire floor is working towards a goal - it is extremely cutthroat and minimal collaboration goes on amongst teams. In other settings where one is happy for other's success - that does not happen here. The dog-eat-dog mentality results in bad apples breaking compliance rules (see aritcle written about the fraud committed to help reach quota) and making the honest salesmen and saleswomen look bad. Your bonuses structure is also subject to change on a monthly/quarterly basis (especially if the floor does above expectations) without your knowledge. You will be subject to clawbacks that were never mentioned. People have lost ?75% of their bonus because of rules passed in Q4 that they retroact to previous quarters to recoup funds ALREADY paid out.I would ONLY take this job with the above understanding and a clear goal to use their training / first 18-24 months to hone those - 
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Excellent company to work for. They are always willing to help. The managers care so much about you as long as you are dedicated to working. They will definitely help you grow. Wherever you need help they are willing to assist you. Attendance is very mandatory there, but as long as you follow the rules and regulations you should be very good
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A great employer with sincere care for its employees.

American Express is the best employer I have ever had in my almost 30 year work career. The leadership of the organization has the vision, communicate frequently and reward great performance.
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High paying job, high stress level

The feeling of always being replaced. High stress level but the pay and benefit is so good. Nothing can compare to the benefit AMEX is offering. If you want to have a comfortable life in just a short period of time go with AMEX

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High paying job

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Upper management sucks
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Handballing management

Remote work meant you had to constantly manage every situation as managers would handball that to you. Neanderthal systems, long winded and painful, unnecessary process systems weren’t fit for servicing clients in immediate assistance required scenarios——ie plane about to take off, hotel couldn’t process check in etc. Expected to take overflow calls even if on dedicated customer accounts! No progression as you were too valued where you were. Shambles during covid/furlough/pay cuts/redundancies. Happy to support their shareholders but not their frontline staff.
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Great Entry Level

Great Entry Level Option! AMEX is one of prestigious brands, so very useful to work there. However, not as many as opportunities in Canada vs in the States
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I enjoyed working every minute of it!

American Express is still without a doubt the best institution to grow with. The experience taught me a lot on what customer service should be regardless of the nature of the vision and mission of the company.
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Good company to work with

Good training provided. You can work from home, but working on different shifts. Rota changes every week. Frequently dealing with impolite clients, but there are also nice customers.
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Awful corporate thugs

Terrible place. Stay away at your own risk. If you wanna be used and abused, they will assist you that.Other wise they will make sure you are worked to death with no incentive.
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The job isn’t bad but can be extremely slow at times. Makes for a boring day but they do teach you everything you need to know.
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Ambiente hostil, mucha presión, te dicen que puedes crecer pero es difícil si no sabes inglés,

Estresante, si ganas bien pero la presión es mucha

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Gastos médicos mayores y menores

Kontra érvek

Mal ambiente laboral, sistemas no actualizados
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Ok Company

Just ok. Too overrated. They say how good this company is but in reality, the management do not value their employees. What matters most is how they need to please the client

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Kontra érvek

Long hrs. Security of job
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Working at amex

Nice work life balance, well paid, less stressful and slow paced. Management is clueless at times about the road map & it hampers growth of collegues. No promotion untill politically handled
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Heavy workload ittle support

You'll work long hours, deal with constantly shifting priorities and little clarity on what the strategy is. Then there are the yearly layoffs and 1-3% increases for top performers, and no opportunities to move up. Very little diversity.
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Increíble lugar para trabajar

El liderazgo es excelente. La organización, las prestaciones. Buena capacitación, ambiente de trabajo, oportunidades de crecimiento, capacitación constante. Trato humano
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