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Overworked and Underpaid

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Body-breaking work for very little pay. High expectations - low rewards for hard work. Stressful. Greed/Management profit over safetyNo holiday payment
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Very easy delivering packages to customers and businesses. Fast paced tho. If you’re slow like I was your coworkers will come take some of your packages to help you out but not all the time.
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Good place to work

Nice place to work management is very helpful when you first start. Simple job you come in load up ur truck for the day go to ur designated route and deliver your packages can get overwhelming during peak season as well as when the flex app does what it wants as your driving
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Nice if you’re nimble

Nice coworkers, nice management, great hours and flexibility. Fun to be on the road all day. Some DSPs micromanage but mine did not. 4/10s are good.
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Hard work

10 hour days , people are friendly , management is great , they are willing to work with you. Fast pace work environment. The hardest part of the job is when it gets dark it because really difficult to see the house numbers.
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Easy and chill

Hands down a go to job. What better job that driving delivery packages. Good coworkers, good pay, ot opportunities. Overall a good place to work at.
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Driver experience

Over work under paided no room for growth , training was sub par kind of throw you out to the wolves . I may come back and try Amazon with a better Dsp
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Good people great environment good leadership i guess learning curves and nice staff hard work but pays well thats all i have to say about this department
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Easy Job

Easy job. All you have to do is deliver packages, watch out for dogs and have a lot of patience. Fast pace, but you get overtime. Not a bad place to start work if you want to be on your own and not have someone over your shoulders.
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Hard work, clique management

Some of DSP management is VERY clique and LAZY. Vans never fixed properly. The fleet is always broken and not working properly, constantly either have a van that the cameras dont work, or almost daily van needs to be jumped while out on road all while i have 200+ stops
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Steady work

Good work lots of deliveries and high expectations but doable. I wish our dsp paid by the 10hr block not hourly because I was the most productive employee but paid the least. Or asked to help the people dragging their feet.
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Not bad

So far so good! I recently just started out and it looks promising, just wondering about the opportunities for growth. Eventually would like to drive a bigger vehicle
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Fun fast paced but can be stressful . Peak season will always be tough and prime week will also always be tough. But if you have a good employees, anger management it can go very smoothly.
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It ok

It’s not a bad job for beginners, but it’s a lot of physical work in the winter season makes it kind of hard because of Christmas and all the extra packages
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It’s an easy job

I just started, it’s a very simple job. You don’t mean much to the employers but it’s something to keep you afloat. And they accept people of all backgrounds
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Fun Workplace Depending on DSP

My past experience with Amazon just depends on your DSP. You have some great ones and then you have some really bad ones. If you notice you have a bad one my advice is start looking into another job or DSP
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All about numbers, can’t use the restroom without falling behind pace. Fun if you can get in with management, but don’t make them mad they’ll try to get you out the door. Helps you stay fit
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Working there gave me some great experience to move forward. If you need to leave and go to somewhere much better like fedx or ups then go. Dsp don’t pay that grate at all
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Great if you like to deliver.

If you like to deliver, move around, and be able to listen to music while you drive and walk then this job is probably for you. My legs hurt after a shift and doing two in a row was hard for me. But I'm not athletic and if you are you will thrive here.
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Fine Work

They give you a task and leave you alone to get it done. Hard work and a lot of exercise. If you understand that you are being asked to walked 10's of miles a day for up to 10 hours, you'll be fine. My type of job.
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Hard job

Over worked under paid. Super fast pace work. Long hours. No breaks. Poor management. Never had. Job that you couldnt take a break. No organizers. Very poor.
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