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Not that great

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Too many stops nowadays and they don’t get happy if you finish early before they changed there time it was good place to work but now it a lot of work for little money
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The workload is NOT REALISTIC. Always was short handed. They ask you to work on off days. Don’t appreciate you! The moment you can’t come in your job at risk. PTO was pointless because they will still ask you to come in. Or questioning “WHY” you need it off..

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you are just a number
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Not a solid place to work for.

The main problem with Amazon is their lack of responsibility! the whole reason they want DSPs is they don't want to be liable hundred percent like a company should be! Amazon should be running the transportation and not have independent contractors running it. it should be a transportation manager and it should be all their own vans and nobody rent in their vans and cutting corners but that's how they do DSP with independent contractors to cut corners!

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Negotiate days you want to work

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50 pound limit, hundred pound packages! if you complain about it, they would bring the next one up who won't say nothing!
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Good environment, okay pay

Depending on the area it could be good or bad. If you get stuck in the country then you’re going to hate it but if you get local suburbs your life will be east
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Job wasn’t what I thought that it was going to be. Honestly, they overwork you for what they are paying you. You are expected to deliver 300+ packages all while managing with the horrible system they have through the flex app
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The stress of going to work every single day never knowing if it was your turn to get fired. You would see it happen to everyone else. Usually for the most random things. One day someone would forget a drink in a van and get chewed out for it. The next day someone would be fired the next day someone is getting chewed out. They say don't deliver in certain conditions and then fire you for returned packages, or fire you for delivering when they said not to.
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Too many packages, not enough pay.

Employees are almost always super friendly and helpful! DSP's don't make enough to pay out a motivating hourly. Rescues, dogs, delivery pain. Less than 10% of drivers continue past 1 year.
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All three warehouses aren’t good. They are a higher in fire quickly type of place.

They are pretty much against you taking breaks for moving so they encourage you to move faster and break Amazon‘s training protocol. You were trained by Amazon‘s videos, but when hired by the Dsp contractors, they disregard safety and ability to perform. They want you to run like an athlete, which produce injuries burn workers out and cause inefficiency. They are not organized as Amazon has intended them to be. I can speak from the DSP contractors from Milpitas, California as I have worked for three of them so far and have noticed poor work value and work ethics. It is all based on favoritism, and who you know rather than how you perform.

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No pros I hope to find ways to fix these matters.

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Your a slave here
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It’s Alright

Ima be honest with you dude. If you are in a tight situation and need money for a short term yes. If you are planning to stay at this job for longer then prob 5-6 months no. After a certain point the money doesn’t matter anymore once they start just straight up disrespecting you.
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It's nice to work by yourself, however based upon Amazon's metrics will make you skip your breaks & do work related activities in your van during your lunch, unless you happen to bypass your first delivery to be able to swipe to lunch on the app while driving to your first delivery from the station.
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Good Money and benefits

The money is good. However, you are out in the heat, cold, rain, and nights. So it’s not for everyone. If you don’t mind those things then you should have nothing to worry about.
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Great environment

Working as an Amazon delivery driver was an experience that truly exceeded my expectations. The role offered a dynamic environment with a blend of challenges and rewarding moments that made each day unique and fulfilling.One of the most striking aspects was the sense of autonomy. While adhering to schedules and routes, there was a remarkable freedom in managing my time efficiently. Planning optimal routes to ensure timely deliveries was both challenging and rewarding, requiring quick thinking and adaptability.The job also provided an excellent opportunity for physical activity. Constantly on the move, it was a great way to stay active and fit. I appreciated the chance to be outdoors, experiencing different neighborhoods and meeting a diverse range of people along the way.The support system within the Amazon network was commendable. From the comprehensive training provided to the ongoing assistance and communication channels, I always felt connected and supported by the larger team. Any issues or questions were promptly addressed, fostering a sense of belonging and importance
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Not worth it

Amazon exploits you breaking their own guidelines like the amounts of packages and free space in the van. It’s all about making a profit for them. There’s huge turnover and it shows why.
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It’s a job

What is the best part of working at the company?Co workers and the customers feel as though management is where things are badWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?The way the do people and the pressure put on to excel beyond normal operation What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Very selective to certain people even though they say they go by a scorecard they have there own personal score cardWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Work until the job is finished and then go home
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Fast Paced Worked Place

10 Work days can get hectic and you will be in a constant rush to deliver packages but otherwise if you can work on pace this is a great first job for those starting off
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I thought the job would be a great job at first until I started noticing favoritism

I don’t really like working for the company anymore, they don’t give you holiday pay & you have to build up your vacation time. It be too many stops for one person and once it turn dark at night any you’re left with a lot of stops still they don’t send help. It’s a lot of favoritism I see the same people get in the same good white van everyday but I always get the raggedy ones and they try to blame damages on you. Management always try to get smart with you they don’t try to help.

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Free Snacks

Kontra érvek

You don’t have time to take breaks
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Delivery Job

It’s a delivery job and Amazon sucks. It’s not a “oh, you’re driving all day, how hard can it be?” job. Amazon expects us to deliver 300, 400, 500 packages. The routing sucks and you’re going to get annoyed with it. After completing 400 packages, don’t expect your day to be done, because someone near you will probably need rescued. So, if you do well, you get more work. My DSP offers rescue bonuses for that and raises. Hopefully you find a DSP that offers the same incentives.If you like challenges and pushing yourself, it’s a fun job. If you get easily annoyed by stupidity and can’t get over it, find something else. Messed up routing will happen every day, do not expect anywhere close to perfection because they’re the biggest corporation in the world. They’re also new and inexperienced to logistics compared to other delivery companies. Also, compared to other delivery companies, the pay is way less for how much is expected of you. TL/DR: Amazon sucks, routing is awful, DSPs are different, it’s challenging

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Health benefits, 401k, swag, snacks

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No breaks, Amazon’s routing, Low pay
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The good aspects of the company/ job outstanding the bad

I actually like the environment and the people there in . I really learned a lot of management procedures. Thanks to the manager that effectively pushed me beyond my limits to do extra job that is required of me .

Pro érvek

We received free lunch and breakfast each day at work.

Kontra érvek

I don't think there are cons that I have really observed.
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Fast paced

Good job fast paced non career looking. Good for a paycheck no opportunity to move up or move forward. No benefits benefits are okay nothing more than
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Over worked not appreciated

Amazon is a great job if you like working yourself to death and getting nothing in return! Way to much work in a day, the better you are the more you get versus another driver who is delivering the same amount of packages!
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As long as you perform well and drive safely, you shouldn't have a lot of problems with hours. For some it just takes awhile to accommodate to the physicality and technical issues they will experience, if they're able to accommodate at all. Definitely not for everyone, but pays well. And some DSPs provide bonus incentives. So if you're calm minded, a problem solver, and a safe driver; don't be afraid to shop around DSPs to find a comfortable fit for you.
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