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Not that great

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Too many stops nowadays and they don’t get happy if you finish early before they changed there time it was good place to work but now it a lot of work for little money
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great for career growth

very good environment for fostering skill and career development, will be able to utilize aws tools to efficiently clear processes and worktasks, recommended 100 percent.
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It ok

It’s not a bad job for beginners, but it’s a lot of physical work in the winter season makes it kind of hard because of Christmas and all the extra packages
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It’s an easy job

I just started, it’s a very simple job. You don’t mean much to the employers but it’s something to keep you afloat. And they accept people of all backgrounds
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Fun Workplace Depending on DSP

My past experience with Amazon just depends on your DSP. You have some great ones and then you have some really bad ones. If you notice you have a bad one my advice is start looking into another job or DSP
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High turnover rate

Mas hiring, just to let everyone go in about 2 weeks. Complete waste of time imo. Days are long but not that bad, over all I wouldn't recommend applying in the holiday season.
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All about numbers, can’t use the restroom without falling behind pace. Fun if you can get in with management, but don’t make them mad they’ll try to get you out the door. Helps you stay fit
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Working there gave me some great experience to move forward. If you need to leave and go to somewhere much better like fedx or ups then go. Dsp don’t pay that grate at all
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Not a bad place to work for if you don’t mind always being on the move as well as occasionally be chased by a dog. Rescuing others when I was done with my route not my favorite either.
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It’s a good work experience depending on the route that you get. You’ll mainly be working alone most of the time so that can be great for some people.
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Great job, POOR work environment

D2Logistics is NOT the company to work for IF you’re seeking growth opportunities, a great team & a stress-free environment! The owners micro-manage A LOT, leaving no room for the managers/dispatchers to do their job & when they do, they just repeat whatever the owners tell them. The wife has poor leadership & interpersonal communication skills & the poor morale of the company starts at the top, yet they lack accountability!

Pro érvek

You get a 30min lunch & two 15min breaks.

Kontra érvek

You NO time to enjoy and they still take it out of your check regardless!
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Driving and delivering packages

Delivering packages to customers door steps; if you have a residential route will be fun. Manage your own time at work. Overtimes guarenteed, 8 to 10 hour shifts.
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K heart sucks horrible company to work for

No breaks or lunch you have to be able to do 25 or more stops an hour. Sometimes you a route sometimes you wont. They give the easier routes to people they like.

Pro érvek

Get to be on the road

Kontra érvek

No breaks or lunch
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Into the deep end

This job is great if you don't want to be valued for your work. I promise that any other job will treat you better. I was told not to take all the breaks I was allowed. I worked in dark, cold conditions with upwards of 200+ stops, and was treated poorly for needing help.
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It’s a job.

Good exercise. Safety oriented. Good benefits. The only downside is there are no early mornings and it’s best to work weekends for higher pay. Other than that it’s a paycheck.
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Great if you like to deliver.

If you like to deliver, move around, and be able to listen to music while you drive and walk then this job is probably for you. My legs hurt after a shift and doing two in a row was hard for me. But I'm not athletic and if you are you will thrive here.
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Good money hard at times

Good money but most of the time Amazon give too much volume on the routes, routes planned for 9 hours tend to finish in 6/7 hours.
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we will see what happens in the future with this job. Who knows where it will lead. looking forward to the chance to see what happens. only time will tell
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Good pay Eazy but annoyin must help other workers after doin delivery all your packages probably will have a max of 190 stops which is not bad but gettin done and having to help is
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Solo work you can turn your brain off and do

You meet in the morning. Load up your van, drop everything off and go home. Some routes can be tedious or large and take a while but that’s the benefit. Getting paid hourly to wait for someone to buzz you in, call a customer, sort some packages. It’s all paid. Take your time, it’s a lot of walking but plug in some headphones and you’re golden. If you’re not willing to walk all day and drive around neighborhoods this job might not be for you. But the rest of the people who don’t mind a good stroll for 10-12 hours. Apply for the job, you’ll know right away if you aren’t fit and that’s cool. It’s not for everyone.
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Bueno buen trabajo me gusta organizado buen salario y lo unico es que salgo un poco tarde me gustaria entrar un poco mas temprano para tenwr que hacer mas cosas en mi dia
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